Trump now says no 'time limit' to denuclearize N Korea


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"Discussions are ongoing and they're going very, very well,"

"Oh I misspoke. I thought everyone would understand but I they didn't so I need to tell them I meant to say, "not".

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So Trump went in and appeased Kim by stopping the war games, and agreeing to remove American nuclear weapons from the peninsula altogether. It's a good thing that in exchange for this, he got a selfie with a dictator.

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I may start drinking again. Don't forget that Putin has been requesting we cease our war exercises around North Korea for 20 years or so. Are we going to go down as the "nice" country that didn't? Don has turned the U.S. upside down. His dreams of deregulation and power are being sucked into a whirlpool of ancient totalitarian biomass. He is being absorbed. And what's with the uptick in his Zoolander faces? Melania can get away with them; heck she's Melania. But on Don, they look stolen.

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Strike three. I am done with Trump.

AS a former political strategist member for Gary Hart back in the day.

You can not spin this disastrous Presidency in any direction that has a good outcome. Oh how I wish Ted Cruz had got the nomination.

@Dre Hund. I am with you. All this has me wanting to relapse.

I need a day in nature in good ole Japan and be grateful I live here and can rightly disconnect from all this.

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Time Waits For No One - Ambrosia

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Are we winning yet?

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Just more backflipping by Trump lies to cover more lies...

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Trump's dealmaking in action.

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"President Putin is going to be involved in the sense that he is with us," Trump said.

Does anyone have the slightest idea what that means?

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We will be giving New Jersey to North Korea to make them feel better, and that is terrific. Things are going really well. Vlad is sending Russian troops to help with the move. We don’t really need New Jersey, and this is a step toward world peace... and where did I put my meds? Anyway, things are terrific.

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So it could be as long as Fidel Castro's reign?

Didn't Trump say that didn't work?

He seems prone to over-promise by a wide margin (trade wars are easy to win; nobody knew healthcare can be so complicated; the US will be UK's greatest friend after Brexit)

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