Trump picks Priebus, Bannon for top White House roles


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Trump's backers got exactly what they wanted: a leader of The Party. The Party now has the executive, legislative, and soon the judicial branches under its control. The pres-elect's going to surround himself with and put in positions of power the usual DC swamp denizens - and of course his family members. Foggy Bottom DC's's going to be Sloggy Bottom. Meet the new swamp.

Rightists have to own what the next four years bring; they got what they wanted.

How blind will the blind trust be? Will Trump release his tax info? Or will he be allowed to assume such dictatorial control that he'll be untouchable and the public will not be able to find out which Chinese and Russian 'financiers' he owes hundreds of millions to. How will the ongoing federal cases he has going be handled. Will he close down his various sweat shops around the world and bring those jobs back to the US. How long until he tries to shut down media investigating him.

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Sorry, but having the head of racist anti-semitic Breitbart news inside the White House is disgusting and tarnishes America.

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flood the swamp

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Snunu praised this appointment saying he has thick skin. All republican members know him.. Then someone is appointed as Chief of strategist.

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Glad he has Bannon in there.

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just like Hillary when she blames

But Donald never blames anyone.

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Great guy! he will do well.

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Sorry, but having the head of racist anti-semitic Breitbart news inside the White House is disgusting and tarnishes America.

Remove "racist" from the left's vocabulary and they wouldn't even be able to complete a sentence.

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We've had the Tower of Babel and now we've got the Tower of Trump, an ideal target for another towering inferno and no doubt already on the drawing board wherever the enemies of Amerikkka lurk. Even without this worst-case scenario, I expect Trump will soon display his astute judgment as famed CEO to wipe the smirk off Bannon's face by firing that walking time-bomb. By the time Trump has rampaged through the chaos of his contradictory appointments he'll be remembered by the immortal words "You're fired", rather than" Make America great again". We had better fasten our seatbelts because the next 4 years is going to be a bumpy ride for the denizens of the United States of Anger.

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An ex-wife of Bannon said he expressed fear of Jews when the two battled over sending their daughters to private school nearly a decade ago, according to court papers reviewed this summer by The Associated Press. In a sworn court declaration following their divorce, Mary Louise Piccard said her ex-husband had objected to sending their twin daughters to an elite Los Angeles academy because he “didn’t want the girls going to school with Jews.

Sigh. Lets hope the establishment GOP keeps this guy in check

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yak yak: "Remove "racist" from the left's vocabulary and they wouldn't even be able to complete a sentence."

When it's about racists, no. Not sure what you're on about, though; you guys can't even talk about your own soon-to-be-leader without talking about Obama or the Clintons. No more, though -- what happens from now is on all you guys. Remember, there is no time machine!

Now you've got a WH incoming with total bigots, and the family members of a bigot. Guess you can add nepotism to the new regime.

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The American electorate made their choice for President, and the candidate they chose was Hillary Clinton. But they do not get to have Hillary as their President because of the electoral college system. Therefore the protests will continue.

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It is totally ridiculous to call Breitbart News a racist, anti-Semitic organization. Here is one of its most well-know editors - the gay and Jewish Milo Yiannopoulos discussing the reality of the "Alt-Right":

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Everyone seems to be a racist, bigot, misogynist, or a sexist if you don`t like them. Not much meat in your opinions.


Take a look at the Japanese system or even the Canadian system, Monarchy system and no better. Zimbabwe has direct voting though, good eh? The votes haven`t been completed. Millions left. Absentee votes not included in total. Basically, you California and NY to decide the Pres for the rest of the country. Quit whining.

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