Trump picks Twitter fight with China


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Trump has vowed to formally declare China a “currency manipulator” on the first day of his presidency, which would oblige the U.S. Treasury to open negotiations with Beijing on allowing the renminbi to rise.

...but China right now has been trying to manipulate their own currency to appreciate it. They're doing it not because of Trump, they're doing it to prevent their money go abroad and to focus on domestic consumption. Those negotiations will be a bit awkward I reckon, especially if China brings up the Federal Reserve and "quantitative easing" to show the US is one of the biggest currency manipulators.

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Mike Pence . . . said any new policy on China would be decided after his inauguration.

In other words, Trump doesn't have a clue. He'll play it by ear . . . or, by Twitter.

China responded cautiously to the call, . . . putting it down to Trump's "inexperience "

A diplomatic way of saying Trump doesn't have a clue.

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The loose cannon to end all loose cannons.

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China snubbed President Obama horribly during his arrival at the G20 summit this year. I applaud Mr. Trump for snubbing them back.

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He is the only 'leader' who could snub another country without meaning to, or even noticing! He should change his name to Gump and be done with it.

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Trump should had waited till he's the one on the receiving end of the official communique.

It's one matter whether one agrees with his Taiwan shift or not.

But it's another matter when he's creating the issue for the current administration to deal with. Because who is China officially calling? The current admin.

Don't create issues that it's the others have to deal with. Wait just one more month and deal with it yourself.

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Why should Trump not take a call from a democratically elected leader....???

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Why should Trump not take a call from a democratically elected leader....???

He can, but just wait a month till he's the administration that has to deal with it, not somebody else's admin who has to deal with the backlash

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Why should Trump not take a call from a democratically elected leader....???

...because he didn't win the popular vote. Tsai did, however.

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