Trump cancels DC military parade; says he will go to Paris instead

By Thomas Watkins

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Trump reveres all things military

Well, except for actually putting on a uniform and serving himself.

Oh wait, I forgot, he went to a 'private military school' and endured the Sex Wars of the 1970s where instead of fighting the VC he was fighting the VD.

Trump is nothing more than a bully and a wannabe soldier. Seriously, if he were born in another generation he'd be the guy addicted to playing Call of Duty and talking about how bada** he is while not being able to do a single pushup.

Trump didn't want a parade to honor the veterans. He wanted a giant display to honor HIM and to make HIM look tough and like the 'boss.'

Basically, he wanted to spend a bunch of money to wave around his... ahem... bayonet and pretend to play Commander In Chief because of it.

He's nothing but a draft dodging coward bully of a man, and this pathetic excuse for a parade being cancelled is a good thing. Of course for Cadet Bonespurs, it's everyone else's fault. Sad, sad little tinpot Trumpet player.

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Trump said he pulled the plug because local politicians were charging a "ridiculously high" price.

Another example of Trump's other-guy-itis. He's pathologically unable to take responsibility for his own mistakes.

Trump went to a military academy, but received multiple deferments, including once reportedly for bone spurs, from having to serve during the Vietnam War.

Military Academy - in this case - is a euphemism for reform school. His bullying parents couldn't control him, so they paid huge money to have someone else do it for them. Trump learned to bully even better at this 'military academy'.

Even before becoming president, aides reported that Trump had considered a military parade to mark his inauguration 

The mind set of a tinpot dictator.

"Now we can buy some more jet fighters!"

How's the US healthcare situation? Infrastructure? How about not charging the US taxpayers for the offices your VA appointees are using at Mar-a-lago? Maybe that money can go to help veterans who are NOT getting the care they earned the right to.

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Any price is too high for a military parade for Cadet Bonespurs-- unless it celebrates his departure from office, perhaps.

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Trump, the useless president nobody deserves.

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"but critics said it would be a waste of money and akin to events staged by authoritarian regimes such as North Korea."

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but the DoD spent $10M analyzing the logistics to make the parade happen already.

Trump doesn't understand that his stupid tweet spin-up and spin-down efforts across the govt. That's fine, if it is Russia or China or NK. Wasting their money is good.

It isn't ok if it is the USGovt or that of an ally.

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Now we can officially end Trump's nutjob plan and move on with our lives.

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DoD isn't stupid, Trump is. We've just avoided an attempt at wasting our money to stroke his disgusting ego.

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Tanks but no tanks.

Ha! They're taking away his toys. As I'd predicted, "his" generals are not enamored of him.

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and would instead head to Paris for ceremonies marking the end of World War I.

On US Veterans' Day? Well, of course, this will show just how much the man-child 'cares' about US veterans.

This guy is beyond stupid.

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I was never sure about this, didn’t think it was necessary to have a parade, waste of time and money.

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What is considered "waste" for Mr. Trump is money I agree not to waste money from taxpayers, another "waste" would be his presence at France's Bastille Day parade, a lot of money to be spent on security barriers against French protesters of not welcome. Well, he won't care, French govt. will pay for that.

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"You can't fire me, I quit". Macron should deny him entry. The French people dislike him as much as his own compatriots do. They've dealt with the le Pen klan long enough to spot a racist when they see one coming.

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I was never sure about this

He's an old man who wants to be entertained by circus elephants.

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So the 5 time deferring draft dodger cancels a MILITARY parade because of the cost?!! Since when is he ever concerned about costs?!

Since he loves the military so much, why did he turn over control of the VA to his mar a lago cohorts?

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Fear not Donny, you'll get your parades, in every major city. When you're impeached.

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By now it must surely be dawning even on Trump that very soon, despite the cancellation, a hard rain's gonna fall on his parade.

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Trump might not know this, but most military bases have an "Open House" weekend every year. Everyone gets to be up close with lots of military hardware and talk with the people who work on it and operate it.

Plus driving a huge tank on a road isn't good for the roads.

Does NYC not have any military bases nearby to see these things? Much easier for 1 person to visit the places with the hardware than to bring all that hardware someplace that should never see it, ever.

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