Trump says he will 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't end 'carnage'


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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday questioned Trump’s focus on the size of the crowd at his inauguration ceremony and for missing a chance with his speech to appeal to “our better angels as a country,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Ah, now I get it.

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Ummm... the Feds? Ah, we're talking Alternative Feds.

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Any reason why Narcissism kinda sounds like Nazism ?

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What does Trump think this is? The 1920s and he is sending the Feds to get Al Capone?

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Could go after the guns, but that would make too much sense.

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Enough with the ridiculous Nazi references. By "the Feds" Trump means the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ,, which is charged with enforcing the Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act to deal with violent crime. By increasing funding for the U.S. Attorney's Office and ATF in Chicago to allow for more aggressive enforcement of existing federal laws (and, more importantly encouraging them to do so, in contrast to the Obama Administration), ATF agents and federal prosecutors can take on more violent crime cases and send criminals to federal prison for long terms without parole, which does not exist in the federal system. Simple possession of a firearm or even a single round of ammunition can result in a felon getting 10 years in prison, and more if the possession was in connection with committing a violent crime. ATF has done a great job in various cities by targeting and prosecuting high value gang members. Instead of going to local jails or prisons, the convicted get sent to federal prisons around the country, thereby disrupting gang activity.

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In his inauguration speech on Friday, Trump accused the Washington establishment of protecting itself but abandoning regular citizens who have suffered from poverty and crime. “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” he said.

It used to be such a safe city. The cops seem to have given up and who could blame them. If jerkoff Rahm won't send in the National Guard then the Pres has to step in. Good for you Trump. Finally someone with some leadership skills. This is Obama's hometown, and his people as well. I guess all the community organizing fell apart when he ran for office. Waiting to hear from Rahm. Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel once, and for some reason they put us in the John and Yoko room...LOL. The Field museum is a must see. You need two days if it's your first time. I don't think the inner city's ever recovered from the crack epidemic of the early 80's. Detroit is starting to bounce back though. New baseball park, new Lions football arena, and soon a new ice hockey and basketball arena all in the same area. Build from the inside out and the Middle class "tax payers" will come back. Rahm is a piece of crap! Go Wings! Boooo Blackhawks!

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Operation Chicago freedom? Send troops to fight domestic crimes… Bravo!Good luck!

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Would all you downvoting people prefer that the President do nothing and continue to let people get murdered every day while Obama buddy runs his mouth instead of doing anything?

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Chicago isn't going to "more aggressive enforcement" themselves out of this situation. Long terms without parole isn't the answer, either. That won't make people disarm, it's just giving up and putting larges groups of people in a hole for longer periods of time.

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I don't think sending in the feds, whatever that implies will begin to tackle deep routed social deprivation and despair ....

A lot of the homicides in Chicago are gun-related. There are nearly 82 shootings per week. In just one weekend in August, there were eight gun-related homicides and 64 non-fatal shootings.

500 homicides. 9 months. 1 American city.

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Feds in London gang slang means the cops. Trump is saying he will 'send in the cops!' What do you mean the cops are already there..?

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What do you mean the cops are already there..?

The U.S. Attorney's Office prioritizes its prosecutions under direction from the main Justice Department. It is political. Over the last 8 years the aggressive federal prosecution of gang members and other criminals in possession of firearms was not a priority. Sounds like Trump is going to make it a priority.

Long terms without parole isn't the answer, either. That won't make people disarm...

Actually, aggressive federal prosecutions has repeatedly been used to successfully reduce violent crime and deter criminals from carrying firearms, due to the harsh penalties and the reality of being sent to a prison thousands of miles from one's family, friends and fellow gang members. Under Bill Clinton, this was a successful tactic - which made it all the more dismaying when Hillary distanced herself from it in order to pander to the fringe Black Lives Matter crowd.

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“As the mayor said just a few hours ago, the Chicago Police Department is more than willing to work with the federal government to build on our partnerships with DOJ, FBI, DEA and ATF and boost federal prosecution rates for gun crimes in Chicago,” Johnson said.

Ok, there we go. The mayor has agreed to the involvement of the Feds. Funny how after a little attention, people who are talking trash immediately agree to do what Trump wants.

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A good example of what Trump wants to do in Chicago is what President Clinton did in 1997 to address similar rampant gun violence in Richmond, Virginia - Project Exile:

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Oh Trump tweeted again, that should fix it.

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That was an informative link.

From the left, Project Exile was condemned, as racist*, by Families Against Mandatory Minimums,[8] and opposed by several members of the Congressional Black Caucus on the grounds that it would have a disproportionate effect on the black community since it targeted inner city communities where the crime rates were highest* (such as in Richmond and Atlanta).

Wow, so upholding crime laws has more impact on the people committing crimes than those who dont. Well of course it does. They didnt even try to say that it was unlawful or heavy handed or overly aggressive or anything. Just shouldnt be done because of the considerations for the race of the criminal.

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Actually think inner-city crime is one of the few areas where DT could succeed.

Re Feds, I thought he meant FBI or basically anyone/anything (including the military) that's needed to eradicate gang violence and clean-up the many no-go areas in us cities suburbs.

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Would all you downvoting people prefer that the President do nothing and continue to let people get murdered every day while Obama buddy runs his mouth instead of doing anything?

I didn't down vote, and I don't buy your premise that Obama did nothing. But to answer the rest of your question, it all depends on what Trump intends to do. Doing the wrong thing can be worse than doing nothing. Trump hasn't given confidence that he won't do the wrong thing, which is what makes me skeptical.

So depending on Trump's plan, I may definitely think that doing nothing is better than doing something. But, if it's a good plan (and he occasionally comes up with them), then what he intends to do may be good. Need more details.

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Nobody in America wants to see the military take over a city; not even the beleaguered Chicago residents.

That'd look like Big Brother watching martial law propped up by M16s and M4s. That's bad optics for the government.

Chicago residents would like this problem fixed, but not through that.

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The U.S. Attorney's Office prioritizes its prosecutions under direction from the main Justice Department. It is political. Over the last 8 years the aggressive federal prosecution of gang members and other criminals in possession of firearms was not a priority. Sounds like Trump is going to make it a priority.

I was making fun of it Suzu. The whole Kevin Costner-style "call the Feds!" Trump is going to solve the windy city's crime by caling in the Feds. My only question is, who's directing this movie.?

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Tomorrow the tweetering twit will tell us he meant Kevin FEDerline and Roger FEDerer. Plus Tom Brady and Payton Manning for backup.

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They need Robocop :)

Either that or he'll send in the National Guard... that sounds about right.

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How he call federal agents of his own government "The Feds", reminds me of how he calls Repubs "The Republicans", as if shamed by them and wanting to be kept apart from them. It's also questionable who all of this is even for

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And how many of you here have actually lived in the inner city or spent much time on the streets of one or still do? I will raise my hand...............

So how about some of that federal money going to programs that will get the next 8-11 year old kid focussed on an after school program where he hangs out with other kids like him learning things like programming and coding and actually seeing how a computer works besides games. Something many of these kids know nothing about. The reason why myself and a shit ton of people I know from a city called "Murder Town USA" all made it to uni and avoided jail and gangs because we had after school programs and mentors and all of that stuff. And among my classmates are PHD's, and Masters degrees and lawyers and financiers and many of us have seen the world. And we all grew up within 10-15 miles of each other. And we all had programs that steered us toward education. We avoided guns because we knew there was more because we saw more. So sure send in the feds and shoot up the place and put folks in jail long term. But what about the next group? The ones waiting in the wings with idle time on their hands and soft minds ready to be taken advantage of. Holding the guns and drugs for the older guys because they won't get the time as youth. So yeah...send in the feds..and the fed money....

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Tomorrow the tweetering twit

Was that really necessary? My highway bus traveling from Texas to Detroit had a wonderful trip until we reach the Mexican burbs of Chicago. The bus was attacked, windows smashed, the bus driver surrounded and attacked, then we had to lay on the floor leaving the place in case there was gun fire. And this was back in 93.

Something needs to be done. Everyone here should be glad Trump is raising the issue. And let's not forget these 4

CHICAGO (AP) – Four black people accused of beating a mentally disabled white man and broadcasting the attack on Facebook appeared Friday in court, where a judge asked them, “Where was your sense of decency?”

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@Fizzbit, you're right. That was harsh. I actually meant to call Trump a trolling twat.

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he is really a fan of china, russuia, and the dear leader , isn't he.

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Something needs to be done

Sounds like Trump could implement registration for all? Are the 2A people sure they made the right choice? You know how paranoid they are about their guns. But it looks like a Republican president might get the federal government to take charge on the gun thing.

Mexican burbs

And speaking of Mexico about 70% of the guns that go to Mexico illegally originate from the USA. If this can be reduced then it could help their drug war down south.

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Regardless it is right or not, I believe that these are not thoughts a President should put on display via social media.

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Are the 2A people sure they made the right choice? You know how paranoid they are about their guns.

Well, Bass said he thinks gun restrictions should be limited to black people, so if the rest of them think like him, they have ideas around being forced to register their own guns.

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Hey, simpletons solutions for complex problems are what Trump Republicans shrieked for.

Why is anyone surprised?

Expect lots more of this. The best anyone sane can hope for from this administration is for them to not make all matters worse. And that's clearly a tall order.

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Shut up Donnie, you're out of your element!

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Trump the tweeter is at it again. How does he find the time for all this twit-twat?

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May I suggest all of you who "opine" based on preconceived ideas, emotions and "bias" pretending to be justified by some idealistic values which is paramount to "prejudice", and without first confirming and affirming what was written with what was actually said and done.

The issues discussed here is "critical" to those in Chicago who probably could care less about who said or did or doing what.., as much as what is done now to save their jobs, livelihood, their family and their lives. It is their lives at stake and not your personal values and biases as to how that can be resolved.

All Trump did was to tell those in power in Chicago to fulfill their mandate and responsibility, responsibly and quickly before a higher authority has to step in and resolve it for them.

If you were in his position at this time, only a few days into his Presidency, and if you were truly concerned about their plight, you would probably have said the same thing.

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183 people in 23 days??!!

Thank god I'm not American.

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U.S. President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to bring federal intervention to bear in Chicago to quell the “carnage” of gun violence

This statement confuses me somewhat... I thought Republicans were all about small government and reducing federal intervention. Then there's the anti-gun sentiment here, normally it's phrased in terms of "crime" to avoid upsetting certain national associations linked to rifles (you know who I mean). So what confuses me a bit is that this statement is so anti-Republican for what is supposed to be a Republican president. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a step in the right direction. Perhaps even expand it to investigate gun violence nationally. Skip the lobbyists and look at the cold hard facts. The causes. The possible solutions. The weighing of different issues such as safety and freedom. Find a solution that the people support (referring to the people here as a whole, not just one section), and tell the lobbyists where to go...

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saying there were 182 shootings in the city from Jan. 1 to Jan. 23, “which is exactly flat from last year.”

That is comparable to the number of shootings occurring in the Iraq war over a three week period. That the number is the same as last year does not justify this year's number, and making such a statement is the height of stupidity. Chicago is a modern city in a developed country, and there is absolutely no excuse for this level of violence. That the mayor and the police chief have not been thrown out on their arses for failing to keep their people safe is inexcusable.

But then it is not unusual for there to be a lot of crime in a city which is run by criminals. How many city aldermen are in federal prison right now? How many other elected officials (not to mention the former governor) are behind bars?

Apparently not enough.

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How did Ronald Reagan put it? The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.......

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Trump says he will 'send in the Feds'

It won't work. They'd be outnumbered and outgunned. He'd better send in the 82nd Airborne.

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@stormcrow It's a Very smart idea, and should de done in every state.

You think they could get 700 men and under cover cops?Yes they can cover every servo and shop.

700 FBI agents working with 1,000s of police would cover most stores opned at night.

Would you rob a store knowing the odds?

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@Scott Ryan

Yeah, that would probably make stores safer, but what about outside of the stores?

It seems like the high murder rate in Chicago is happening more on the streets.

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