Trump says U.S. 'a dumping ground for the rest of the world'


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DEMAGOGUE (n): a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

Remember how Romney sought and received Trump's endorsement back in 2012? - even while Trump was at the time fully engaged in his birthism BS? Here it is, if you've forgotten: <> Boy, he and a lot of other GOPers have gotta feel pretty foolish about that now.

Romney is not the only one responsible for this disaster, of course. Blood is on plenty of GOP hands.

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"A dumping ground for the rest of the world"... That explains how Trump ended up there, at least.

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“Unless I win, it’s been a waste of time for me, folks,”

Narcissistic con man.

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"I'm going to . . . ." is getting old. No specifics. He is going to have to "poop or get off the pot" pretty soon. Tomorrow's debate should be interesting ! Of course when it is over, we'll have to listen to how it was because of him that everybody tuned in. You gotta give it to the guy, he is an entertainer.

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Sadly he reflects what a large % of the population feels. he could go far.......

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He's making all of the other GOP candidates look bad when he mocks them.

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So this is what an empire in decline looks like.

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Clinton emails? - let's go spasmodic. "Trump 'University'?" - don't even want to bother to find out. How an average GOPer vets a candidate is beyond comprehension.

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Trump will fade, his flash in the pan lasted longer than I thought but he won't last the remainder of the year.

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"Trump will fade,"

Maybe. No signs of it yet.

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You'd think he would have faltered after that nasty comment he made about Florina a week ago, but Noooo.....

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The UK bookies have Bush at 2/1 and Trump at 7/2 followed by Rubio and Walker to win the nomination. 7/2 worth a flutter? His odds are shortening by the week.

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Right, Jizmo, but every day he soldiers on, he makes the eventual GOP nomination more Pyrrhic. Also, given that the bookies have him second behind Jeb! (for whom multiple problems will arise very soon), he might actually win.

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Go Trump!

All you party politics sheeple can keep voting for hope and change or contracts for America for the next 100 years. Some of us are just tired of the bought and paid for liars, and apparently many are still sleeping under their Star Wars blankets.

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$13 cups of beer from plastic cups

Big cups or just very expensive beer?

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Harry, at any Trump rally, the beer is just terrific. Fantastic, even. It is the greatest beer that God ever created. Nobody serves beer better than Trump, believe me. At $13 a cup, you're lucky just to get the cup! And the best thing is that he got the Mexicans to brew it!

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@Laguna - That is just great ! Laughed so hard my belly hurts !

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Re: the beer, that crafty negotiator Trump must have gotten the Japanese brewers coming at him like waves to build him a pipeline of overstocked duty free happoshu. Nobody takes advantage of the Donald at the negotiation table.

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He has tremendous energy indeed. The energy that might devasting the U.S.! Lenin was right, a fortress will only be overwhelmed from its interior.

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bass4funk - You'd think he would have faltered after that nasty comment he made about Florina a week ago, but Noooo.....

There are people who repeatedly have something to nasty or negative to say about Trump's hair. Is that any different than talking about Fiorina's face?

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"Donald Trump on Monday renewed his focus on illegal immigration, calling the United States “a dumping ground for the rest of the world” - article

Time to tear down that old lady who holds the lamp. What a dumb idea. Thanks Mr. Trump. Americans are losers and that whole refurb on that statue thing? Gotts ta go. Thanks! Good suggestion.

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Go Trump! The media, career politicians and lobbyists are out to get him. Nothing new and he probably doesn`t care. Success is just a bad thing in the US these days and trying to please everyone is a waste of time.

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"trying to please everyone is a waste of time." - comments

Very Trumpian. Since Mexicans and Women are such LOSERS, What a Waste of Time!

The pitch of Trump is easy bait for the racist. "Here's Someone to Hate!" A generic plea to fear and massaged with "Golly, I'm a Billionaire and Still Have Time to be a Racist" validation.

Seeing Trump for what he is, a cheap Barnum & Bailey imitation, it is no wonder how the Draft Dodger can believe his own bs. There's a lot of bs with Rump.

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I dont think you know what you are talking about.

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There's a lot of bs with Rump.

Hmmm. No, that's right, There's a lot of bs with Rump.

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