Trump senior aide Kushner and team heading to Saudi Arabia, Qatar

By Steve Holland

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It’s great that the US props up one of the most prolific state sponsors of terrorism.

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Kush must need another tranche of funding for his NYC development.

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@ p.Smith

which one?

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Kushner and his team helped negotiate normalization deals between Israel and Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has condemned the killing of the Iranian scientist

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Its almost as if the Trump administration knows that in the end, they actually will be continuing their work for another 4 years. Imagine that.

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There is zero way the Trump administration could know it will be continuing for another four years given it lost the election in a landslide.

It is fun to watch Trump supporters flail around in desperation though.

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> @ p.Smith

which one?

Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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they actually will be continuing their work for another 4 years. Imagine that.

Which is? Accepting bribes from foreign countries? Getting rich off US taxpayer dollars?

You're hilariously over-confident that somehow Donald will be able to steal the election. I'm not, but if anyone could, I'd imagine Donald could considering he's had a lifetimes training at being a crook. lol

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