Trump suggests Clinton emails linked to Iranian's execution


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Trumps comment was quite rational.

It is amazing to see that there are actually people who are manage to defend Clinton. Talk about blind partisanship.

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"Hours after an unusually disciplined speech on his economic plan for the country, Trump, using the “people are saying” sentence structure he often favors to make accusations, tweeted Monday night..."

This sentence is so snarky, but it's completely justified snark.

Trumps comment was quite rational.

Not when a Republican-headed FBI denies it. Until it's proven by those "many people," why not stick to the real, known issues? Oh right, he has no substantive proposals on real issues.

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Even hillarys most ardent supporters must acknowledge at some level, at least to themselves, that she may have gotten this man killed. We know hillary isnt too perturbed by responsibility for the loss of human life. "What difference does it make?" And (on fellow allie on the war on terror Qaddafi) " we came, we saw, he died! (Giggling)". But I would hope that ordinary peoples partisanship would be secondary to this latest tragedy.

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"Hours after an unusually disciplined speech on his economic plan for the country, Trump, using the “people are saying” sentence structure he often favors to make accusations, tweeted Monday night:"

As already mentioned, "unusually disciplined" and sneering descriptions of his sentence structure aren't really suitable for this kind of reporting. It's not even necessary to highlight this. Just quote Trump letting it rip and anyone with half a brain can see the screaming inanity.

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See, he keeps derailing himself into yet another unnecessary topic, just hours after getting the focus back with the economics plan. So now people will devote time talking about this, instead of just talking about the economics plan. Some self-restraint would do him good.

(And the scientist's fate was likely sealed a long time ago if Iran is to be believed - Iran admitted they knew what was going on with the scientist even before the US "kidnapped" him.)

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"If Iran is to be believed..."

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I disagree. None of it is untrue, and it paints an completely accurate picture of the man. Unnecessary? Maybe. Unsuitable? I don't see anything wrong with it.


Even Hillary's most ardent haters must acknowledge that she may not have gotten this man killed. And again, a Republican-led FBI investigation supports the idea that she didn't. The scientist was killed in 2010. This "latest tragedy" is not news and was most certainly considered during the investigation. What more do you want? Who would you believe?

Unless, Trump has hard evidence, this is another Benghazi. In other words, it's a desperate attempt at distraction and you guys are eating it up.

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I'd posted above some snarky remark about all unpleasant things that could be attributed to Clinton's server, but the mods deleted it - and I later saw that it's become a meme. It gets worse. The parents of two Benghazi victims are suing Clinton for their sons' death, assuming that someone had hacked Clinton's server and assuming that the server held information pertinent to their sons' location, situation, and vulnerabilities and assuming that this information was passed on to the perpetrators. That is a very lengthy, implausible list of assumptions. If actually brought to trial, one wonders how many of the Iraq War bereaved will be justified in bringing suits against Bush. I also wonder who is funding this, particularly considering one mother spoke at the RNC convention.

If you have nothing of note to discuss, throw bombs.

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Trump suggests Clinton emails linked to Iranian's execution

Of freakin' course he would suggest this. Nothing from this asshat surprises me anymore.

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Blah, blah, blah . . . . .

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You gotta hand it to America these days.

They'd rather argue about a snarky tweet than discuss economic policies before an upcoming Presidential election.

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They'd rather argue about a snarky tweet than discuss economic policies before an upcoming Presidential election.

Clearly you haven't been paying attention. It would be wonderful to have a serious discussion on economic policies if one of the four candidates running for president, and one with a relatively good chance of winning, wasn't more interested in sending snarky tweets.

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Hey Trump maybe on to something everybody is saying he is linked to Putin but who knows where he is getting his information from. Hi-LIAR-y can't be trusted and Trump is a out of date comedian the world is in trouble and all hell is about to break loose so get your knives and guns out!!!

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Getting thousands and thousands of innocent people killed didn't do any harm to Bush, Rumsfeld or Cheney.

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Trump suggests Clinton emails linked to Iranian's execution

More paranoid gibberish from the angry yam.

Appeals to those he already has in the bag. Doesn't expand his appeal one iota.

In short,

"Stupid is as stupid does." -- Melania Trump

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Still waiting for Trump's tax returns and his wife's initial immigration status and details.

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Trump won't release his tax returns. Ever. He's skint. In debt up to his eyeballs.

Possibly owing to Russian cartels directly linked to Don Putin. Not that I need any proof because nearly everything Trump says has been proven to be lies. Speculation and heresy are fantastic things.

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The Iranians came to the conclusion that Amiri was instrumental to the lead up and application of Stuxnet virus to their nuclear centrifuge program in 2009-2010.

What better way to send a message to other disgruntled Iranian scientists than executing this guy.

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"Trump, using the "people are saying" sentence structure he often favors to make accusations,"

"Many people are saying that the Iranians killed the scientist who helped the U.S. because of Hillary Clinton's hacked emails."

Ah, Trump, the master of weasel-wording.

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Lies work. That is why he does it:

Even though Trump ended up admitting it didn't exist 47% of his voters say they saw the video of Iran collecting 400 million dollars from the United States to only 46% who say they didn't see the video. Showing the extent to which the ideas Trump floats and the coverage they get can overshadow the facts, even 25% of Clinton voters claim to have seen the nonexistent video.


The difference, then is clear: Republican voters are twice as gullible as Democrats.

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Trump connect every thing to Clinton.

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Well you also have the non-existent Planned Parenthood baby video that Fiorina claimed to have seen, plus the non-existent 9/11 Muslim cheering video from Trump.

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Or the "ransom" cash being delivered to "Iranians" that Trump "saw" . Or Obama being a "Kenyan" "Muslim" .

Slime, smear and falsehood is all Trump has to offer. He was born in the wrong generation, he seems far more like a fellow millennial.

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I'd be interested to know how many deaths Clinton can be linked to ? For sure, it is many many more than Trump!!!

I remember Clinton breaking into fits of glee as news came out that Gadhafi had been anally butchered leading to his death.....of course that sort of sadistic mentality is sure to make the US a country to be envied right?

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Or the "ransom" cash being delivered to "Iranians" that Trump "saw"

Trump already admitted he was wrong on that one.

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