Trump takes aim at U.S. financial oversight law


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The looting of the US continues.

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Does this help working class Americans?

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Reinstate the Glass Steagall separation of commercial and investment banking . 

If the investment banks want to engage in risky investments let them and if they become insolvent as a result of bad investments let them go bust and let the shareholders lose their entire investment.

Most people who knock the Dodd-Frank law underestimate the sheer size and power of American banks.

Dodd-Frank attempts to ascertain that banks too big to fail are stopped before they can get to that danger zone. The banks don't police themselves, and it needs to be done.

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Naw, Trump always looks out for the 1%. Who thought otherwise? And when the next economic collapse happens once again to unchecked greed and over-extended loans that will never be paid back... Bye~bye Ms. American Pie.

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Another day and another opportunity to line his pockets. Sigh. Although we have survived 100 days it has been a surreal blur of ineptitude, corruption and machismo. The only way I can face the reality of this onslaught is like that of AA--"one day at a time."

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