Trump tapping Washington, Wall Street veterans for top jobs


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Talk about unleashing the gators. Mnuchin - no wonder finance corporation shares soared after Trump's victory: say goodbye to the protections built into the financial system after the 2007 debacle. It will be like that never happened. Tom Price? His plan is to starve the ACA of funds both so that it won't work and so that the Repubs can afford their tax cuts; this will result in millions thrown off insurance and total chaos both in the insurance and healthcare industries.

I remain mystified as to why Romney allows himself even pole length from this Titanic of an administration. He should look to Colin Powell for advice as to what happens to a Secretary of State's reputation after serving in a Republican administration. Perhaps Romney is not as smart as I had thought.

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It's looking more and more like Trump's going to be The Party's puppet face and that he'll let, as other posters have long suggested, Ryan and Pence do the heavy lifting, day to day policy stuff. Trump'll be the titular head of state, the host of gala dinners feating royalty and his fellow global elite nabobs.

I'm going to assume that in return for letting his fellow Republicans run things, they'll let him and his 'family' continue to expand their businesses and won't ask hard questions about the loans he's got from international 'financiers' and the dealings he's long had in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other places around the world.

Meet the new swamp, worse than the old one. Y'all (in the vernacular) got fooled again.

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Flag burning is done because it gets media attention. But take a postage stamp with a flag on it, and put a match to it. Then you might see that the best solution is to ignore it completely. The opposite of that is it will ignite the wrath of observers, and they will cross the line. It's a set up. By the way, I was given a state flag when my father died. The thing is thick, and huge.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise..

As Johnny Rotten said, "Ever get the feelin' you been cheated?!"

His half brain dead supporters will realize they got scammed eventually, the hardcore "fans" will just keep on believing in the Donald.

Textbook demagogue - Trump was all talk about draining any DC swamps

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Trump is now King of the Swamp.

His supporters are the biggest suckers ever to walk the face of the earth.

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Same ol' rich Wall Street and insiders

Incoming Transportation Secretary (and married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) Elaine Chao's family is a big ship-ping magnate - keep an eye out for possible conflict of interest

Who's left to protect the First Amendment?

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Champion of the little guy, enemy of the Washington / Wall Street / big business / media elite? Sorry, was just kidding!

Not at all surprising, since Trump has no policies or beliefs whatsoever. But the gullible fools who swallowed all the nonsense and voted him in must be regretting it already. Just like Brexit voters, and for the same sorts of reasons.

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To all those who voted for Trump because they thought he'd help them leave their miserable poor lives, providing jobs for those who are just about scraping by and who think Wall Street is reaping all the financial rewards - this is all going to come back and bite ya! Bwa ha ha!

You know what they say - you reap what you sow.

How these poor people ever thought a so-called billionaire living in a tower covered in gold would actually give a damn about these people, I'll never understand. I guess America has to hit rock bottom before they actually find the on button in their brains.

What was it that Marie Antoinette was supposed to have said to the poor?

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I don't think Trump supporters really care if he "drains the swamp" or not.

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"What was it that Marie Antoinette was supposed to have said to the poor?"

Nobody knows more about cakes than Marie Antoinette?

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What was it that Marie Antoinette was supposed to have said to the poor?

Let them eat crow ?

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The lunatics are being put in charge of the asylum.

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Trump, "I'm going to run America like I run my business."

Interesting discussion I had with a co-worker yesterday. We mentioned that Trump is forgetting that a BUSINESS hires and pays employees, but a COUNTRY needs people to be EMPLOYED to earn money to take care of THEMSELVES and be able to PAY TAXES which maintains a functional GOVERNMENT. So it's not about HIRING employees for the country, it's about making sure the citizens can have well paying jobs available for them to be EMPLOYED. Trump can't hire/fire citizens, he's got to focus on the citizens having the ability to keep the UNEMPLOYMENT rate LOW.

He's already failing by attempted the "Trickle on" theory AGAIN! Nobody learned their lesson at all.

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Who he will appoint to Secretary of State?

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Oh,man, this incoming government is going to be sooooo much better than the current one. Trump has done more in 3 weeks than Obama has done in his entire 8 years as POTUS.

toshiko - I sure hope it's not Mitt Romney or John Bolton, either of them could conceivably be even worse than Hillary was. Giuliani or Petraeus would be OK, but I hope Trump surprises everyone and picks Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, who would probably be the best choice.

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@Serrano, Trump hasn't done ANYTHING yet, he's just setting up his cabinet with the rich and well heeled. The first 100 days (after Jan 20th) is what many countries are giving Trump to see how they're going to respond to his "policies".

China's waiting for the TPP to fall apart to take control of the Asian region, Russia's waiting to see his policies so they can get power over Europe. And corporate America is waiting to see just how much more money they can hold at the top once Trumps administration and the GOP decide to use the Trickle on theory again, since nobody but them should have ALL that cheddar.

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"Trump hasn't done ANYTHING yet"

WRONG! Did you miss the Carrier news?

Oh my...

Gingrich: Families to have better Christmas because of Trump

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