Trump taps military strategist as national security adviser


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He's a nutcase, someone who wants to push Russia to war for no other reason than to have a good war.

His doctoral thesis was that the NSC didn't stand up to president Nixon during the Vietnam war.

That sounds like a good fit here.

He is not a Russian sympathizer like Flynn or Trump, but that doesn't make him a warmonger.

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Highly competent? He's a nutcase, someone who wants to push Russia to war for no other reason than to have a good war.

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>tremendous talent and tremendous experience

Good old Donald, opened up the dictionary and found the letter 'T' today.

Reminds of that friends episode where Joey can only afford to buy one encyclopedia set and settles on the letter 'V'..

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Really ? Okay. Can we call it a crapsandwich or a doodoo sandwich (in reference to what the previous guy who turned down the job supposedly called the job - and what he job actually is)?

In any case, we can only wish the guy good luck.

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We can only hope Trump makes more picks like McMaster.

And less picks like Devos (religous twit), Sessions (deep South racist), Price (ethically challenged), Mnuchin (Wall Street Banker), Ross (mortgage king), Carson (brain surgeon/idiot), Priutt (science denier), Perry (bumbling idiot who makes Bush look smart and replacing a Nobel prize winner) . . . and nearly all the rest of the non-retired generals.

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Trump announced the pick Monday at his Palm Beach club

Trump made the announcement from a luxurious living room

Just doesn't sit right with me.  The President doing business from one of his own clubs.  How about a bit dignity to the proceedings. Surely this sort of business belongs in the White House.

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Cool - one more cabinet member who does not owe his position to Trump. We'll see how McMaster feels about sharing NSC meeting time with Stephen Bannon. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are running around the world telling terrified allies that Trump doesn't actually MEAN what he says, and a few such as Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly are assuring terrified Americans of the same.

Major rifts coming between the "adults" such as McMaster and the political hacks such as Bannon.

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a preference for generals

his own gang of generalissimi...

wore his uniform

fetishism, too!

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Awright, if McMaster does something heroic in every chapter like wrestles the nuclear football out of Trump's tiny fingers, then it should win a Pulitzer.

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Good grief, Tora, even Crazy admits Trump made a good choice here. Before making any further ridiculous posts like that one, take a look at this:

What to know about Trump’s new national security advisor

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His next book should be an amazing read. The working title is ''Derelicts on Duty: Donald Trump, General McMaster, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Lead to the (TBA) War.'' Preorder it today.

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@super lib If he has skeletons they are most like tied up and buried in a deserted forest somewhere.

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Considered a scholarly officer, he holds a Ph.D. in military history, and has authored a book called “Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies that Led to Vietnam.” He has also written articles questioning the planning for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pretty impressive credentials. Any skeletons?

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General McMaster does seem a little light on "national security" unlike Flynn who was an expert but at least it isn't Bolton, whose world view I am unconvinced is correct,

The book "Dereliction of Duty" is also highly recommended as an important historical indictment of Johnson and his civilian and military advisers who blundered into the quagmire of what would become Vietnam. Combined with his outstanding battlefield experience in Iraq, I am hopeful.

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He better agree with everything that trumpy says because I read that a member of the NSC was reassigned because he did not agree with trumpy, A statement was made later that"anyone who doesn't agree with trumpy doesn't deserve to work there"

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Looks like Trump picked a highly competent man with lots of relevant experience who seems to be pretty smart and has a good reputation for solid character. Hope this man is able to bring sanity to the conduct of national security planning and crisis response.

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