Trump team considers relocating White House media corps


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Trump. Transparency. Lol

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The president-elect’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, echoed Pence’s remarks Sunday, saying the news conference demonstrated the need for more space since the briefing room accommodates only about 50 people.

The room was only crowded because Trump packed the room with chanting and cheering political teammates to manipulate control of the tone.

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Putin-style press controls just around the corner. Wake up and smell the coffee America.

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Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Pence said the move is intended to reflect the Trump administration’s “commitment to transparency, to free and independent press.”

Like this commitment:


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My bold prediction : This man (?) will resign before his term ends !

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What scares Trump most is being asked critical questions without the cheers and boos of his supporters (or the safety of Twitter). My guess is he will restructure press conferences to include carefully screened members of the public.

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Isn't there an FDR-era swimming pool under the room that's used for the press briefings? ... (off to google that.)

It does look rather crowded.

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Trump once joked that he'd like to shoot the press-I wonder it this part of the preceeding round up...Get 'em all in one place...

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The White House Correspondents’ Association board said. . .it “will fight to keep the briefing room -- article

Good luck with that "fight". Unbiased journalism is dead in America. It's been replaced with propagandist shills of the alt left radical media. The incoming administration should move all the media lackeys across the street into Lafayette Park. They'll feel right at home with all the other malcontents who converge there to protest against our government while they await the latest tweet from President Trump. . . .

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The press corps will get a hologram and they'll like it.

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