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Trump tells Paris, Berlin to 'keep making money' via trade with Tehran

By Brendan Smialowski

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Obviously Trump doesn't truly believe that Iran is in violation of the agreement or any kind of threat to the world if he has no objection to other countries trading with Iran. This may as well be a straight-up admission he has ulterior motives for jeopardizing the peace.

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Trump likely realizes the deal is pointless as is the EU. It takes significant ignorance to pretend arms restrictions agreements have no value, as the League of Nations discovered with hitler, Italy and Japan all ignoring the non proliferation of war and the battleship restriction treaties. The only countries who would honor treaties like that, are ones you wouldn’t have to make the treaty with. The deal itself is ridiculous, it just lets Iran build anyway only with the help of the left wingers and a nice infusion of Obama’s cash taken from taxpayers

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@Katsu. Ask Israel.

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Did Trump fell in love with Macron or what ?

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If the Europeans are allowed to make money why not the Americans

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It takes significant ignorance to pretend arms restrictions agreements have no value

So why are you doing just that re the Iran treaty?

By the way, I like the way Trump appears to be eyeing up that pizza hungrily!

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Obama’s cash taken from taxpayers

This is also completely untrue. Some of their own cash was released back to them.

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If the Europeans are allowed to make money why not the Americans

The Americans are tossing them a bone.

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"They are friends of mine. They really are. I get along with all of them. Whether it's Emmanuel or Angela," Trump said, referring to French President Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Actually think Trump's genuinely warming up to Macron, Merkel and euro pollies in general (and vice versa). Most of them are smart, strong, cultured and knowledgeable (I mean more so than us/new world & japan/sk pollies who are just us puppets) and bring something different to the table and Trump knows that. Trump also loves euro palaces, military parades and grandiloquent govt buildings, something he doesn't have in the us. He clearly wants to be their mate (imo more than they want to be his).

An egomaniac like Trump is also probably happy/proud that euros have been kind to him so far and that, unlike the media and intelligentsia back home, they still 'respect' him or at least try to talk to/understand him. They've already figured him out and they know that although he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed he's still potus and they have to work with him.

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As if they really care what he says.

And he couldn’t care less either, really.

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Oh he cares intensely what anybody says about him. It's the only thing he cares about.

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The European Union has meanwhile expressed determination to preserve the Iran deal, with several leaders considering it essential to convincing North Korea to come to the negotiating table over its own nuclear program.

The Europeans believe that if they keep doing the same thing decade after decade that despite all evidence they will get a different result.

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nah hes an egomaniac so yes he does care and the proof of the pudding is in his tweets if you haven't noticed...

And the same goes for the Trump haters that dump on Trump or take the bait and do the exact same thing.

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