Trump Twitter account reappears after Musk poll


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Great news. I just re-activated my account.

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"Vox Populi, Vox Dei," he added, repeating a Latin adage he posted Friday meaning "the voice of the people is the voice of God."

Triply ironic because Musk has been running Twitter like an unhinged dictator, a large amount of the Twitter voting is done by bots and it has been so for a while , and all the banned Christian nationalists/Nativists flocking back to Twitter now.

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Democracy restored by a non politician.

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“ Donald Trump's Twitter account was reinstated Saturday after the platform's new owner Elon Musk ran a poll in which a narrow majority of voters supported the move, days after the former U.S. president announced another White House bid.

"The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated," Musk tweeted, shortly after the 24-hour poll ended. "Vox Populi, Vox Dei," he added, repeating a Latin adage he posted Friday meaning "the voice of the people is the voice of God."

More than 15 million people -- out of 237 million daily Twitter users -- voted on whether to reinstate the controversial profile, with 51.8 percent in favor and 48.2 percent against. “



I voted ‘ yes ‘;

( yeah, downvote me all you want )

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*Nov. 5 08:32 am JST Posted in: Widespread Twitter layoffs begin a week after Musk takeover *

Looks like Twitter will become another bullhorn for nuts.

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It's a misconception that Twitter was left leaning under the previous management and will become right leaning now.

In my country Twitter used to toe the line of the right wingers in power and used to shut down any accounts which questioned the policies of the government.

To be noted is that Twitter shut down Trumps account when it became clear that Democrats have won the elections. It's clear that Twitter previously used to curry favour with governments without regard to any notions of free speech or ideology.

If Musk changes it and creates a platform where free speech is truly respected without the governments telling us what information to disseminate and what not then it will be a good step forward. Otherwise Twitter will probably die down on its own and Musk will still remain a billionaire with a few billions less. Either ways it's not a bad thing.

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I was going to buy a Hyundai Ioniq 5 for my next car, but now it will be a Tesla Model 3. Price-wise not much different, but I support the CEO of Tesla whose values most align with mine.

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Otherwise Twitter will probably die down on its own and Musk will still remain a billionaire with a few billions less.

Twitter won't be dying due to people leaving; in my opinion there is a 0% chance of that happening. There are too many narcissistic people whose opinions are just too "important" (in their own mind.) Can you imagine, for example, AOC not tweeting anymore?

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That poll was a cover for a decision Musk had already made, primarily to attract trump's followers especially now that Trump has announced he's running in 2024, and because Twitter is losing sponsors and users in droves because of Musk's seemingly ill-fated decisions. At this point, Musk is in a huge $44 billion financial bind and can't afford to lose any more Twitter business, so he needs candidate Trump and his followers posting on Twitter to drum up support.

Musk seems to overlook the fact that 49.2 of users might take a hike.

Trump Family Signs Deal With Saudi Real Estate Developer

trump is doing the same thing. trump also needs that much needed revenue because his businesses are failing. He just recently did another deal with the Saudis because most of his dumb children still need a job!

Like most of his previous presidential attempts, he wants to drum up publicity for his businesses like the Apprentice TV show negotiations or the international hotels and golf courses. Now he also needs the presidency to stay out of prison. As the most decorated "steak salesman" in the world, trump and his family for the last decade has been leasing their name to ignorant foreigners with lots of money to burn. The lease itself is pretty cheap, but they make most of their money on the backend. The leaser must use trump vendors to purchase equipment and supplies like "trump steaks" and "consulting fees" where the trump kids would come and visit. When trump was president, he would dupe rich international foreigners and foreign governments to rent out expensive mostly unused empty rooms or entire floors and visit his golf resorts in hopes to get his favor or to secretly communicate backdoor deals through the kids operating these companies. Remember, the trump boys continued to operate the businesses while Ivanka played WH consultant and Jared ran everything in the WH. Jared got a billion dollars from the Saudis out of that position.

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"Anyone who thinks President Trump isn't going to win the 2024 primary is fooling themselves," she tweeted.”

I think quite the opposite is true.

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Can't stand Trump, I think he is a completely boorish individual, full of self importance. However I believe that Musk did the right thing by re-enabling the account. Even a jackass has the right to speak, whether we choose to listen or not is another matter.

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Musk seems to overlook the fact that 49.2 of users might take a hike.

Not if 48.2% of those responses from “people” were actually bots. Which is why he did a poll to smoke them out.

I agree with you, Musk already knew what he would do. Which was restore Trump account after having a poll to attract and easily identify millions of bots.

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Bah Donald Trump is yesterday's man.

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Then what's going to happen with TrumpBook? And don't forget that FB, TickTock, YT, and all other SN sites banned Trump. What did Must pay 44 billion dollars for? Twitter is very small compared to each of the others listed above.

Tesla stock is down 13% since the last month. 44 billion dollars just so Trump can get his Twitter account back? 44 billion dollars? Just for Trump? Will advertisers stay? Because the TrumpKeepers and KKK will be coming next.

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Because the TrumpKeepers 

Half of them were FBI didn’t you hear?

yeah I agree with you again, Biden economic policy is killing the market, including Tesla.

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Half of them were FBI didn’t you hear?

Steward Rhodes is part of the FBI?

Biden economic policy is killing the market, including Tesla.

The only person who can save the USA is Trump then? But he is almost 80. Will he stay healthy long enough? And Trump won't allow Desantis run. It can only be Trump.

Was buying Twitter for 44B really smart? Then what is Elon going to do about FB since they also banned Trump and FB is much bigger (same with TickTock)

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Steward Rhodes is part of the FBI?

His #2 was, yes. And at least 7 others. For months before anything ever happened. I heard all about it on Twitter.

Which would not have been allowed to be posted in the past. So already Twitter is great in providing info.

Facebook is not only letting Trump back too they announced wont even fact check him anymore.

talk about a garbage stock, why would you criticize Tesla and ignore Meta?

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Facebook is not only letting Trump back too

Wait a minute! FB is letting Trump back since he's announced running for president. Twitter would have done the same thing. Then why did Elon spend 44 big ones just so Twitter would have let Trump back on anyway?

talk about a garbage stock, why would you criticize Tesla and ignore Meta?

I could care less about either company. Tesla just makes cars. They do nothing for me. What's their big deal? Do they make something that only exists in Star Wars? Elon didn't even start Tesla, and his existence would not really have changed the electric car industry overall. Trump people like Elon because Elon likes Trump, while Trump people hate Jeff Bezos since Bezos owns the Washington Post and Trump hates that newspaper. It's that simple. It depends on who is on Trump's good or bad side.

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Donald Trump said he sees “a lot of problems at Twitter” and will stick to his own social-media platform

(news source)

Trump says he will stick with TrumpBook anyway. Again, what did Elon pay 44 billion for? Just a stupid website? Yes, it seems and it's on the way to become a pile of garbage since Trump doesn't even want to return. A website for 44 Billion dollars and Trump is not even going to use it????

GM service centers now working on Teslas

(news source)

Also, I just checked and GM dealers are servicing Teslas. Tesla can't even service their own cars and their stock price is at stratospheric levels? Sounds like a bubble waiting to crash and if I had Tesla stock I would be angry at Elon for being distracted at stupid Twitter instead of taking care of Tesla's business which is more important. I don't want to buy a car from a maker that can't even service their own cars and have to get GM to do it. What I heard from wealthy car owners is they have one Tesla and at least one car from a regular reliable car company like Toyota or Audi. No one in their right mind would rely on a single Tesla as their only car.

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Yeah, who needs a policy on advocating violence, lying bullying and attempting to use your platform to overthrow the government when you have a user poll?

How many more advertisers will “pause” their advertising so as not to be associated with a narcissistic sociopath?

And, not going to help the operational issues of most of the workers you didn’t already layoff telling you your #1 and hitting the door.

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