Trump's allies backing away from him on wiretapping claims


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Obama should sue Trump for defamation. Now the GOP losers are trying to say that Trump wasn't being specific when he said, 'Obama had the phones tapped in Trump Tower'. You can't get much more specific than that so it's a bit late to backtrack now.

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I've already told this story. Trump has a writer with him at one of his homes. Trump points to artwork on the wall in the kid's room, snd tells the writer that Walt Disney himself did it. The writer gives him the big skeptical look, and Trump laughs and says, "Who cares?" I do hope you grok this.

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serendipitousMAR. 16, 2017 - 04:24PM JST Obama should sue Trump for defamation. Now the GOP losers are trying to say that Trump wasn't being specific when he said, 'Obama had the phones tapped in Trump Tower'. You can't get much more specific than that so it's a bit late to backtrack now.

I understand your anger, but a civil suit is small potatoes. Judging by the kind of testimony taking place in the first Congressional investigation into Russia's involvement in the election, pressure is mounting. It's very possible the President could at some point be called to testify under oath. The man is such a compulsive liar it's certain he'll perjure himself somehow in that situation.

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To call Trump a liar is a simplification because it implies that he knows that there are two different things called truth and lies. For him it's just one big mass of random notions - he neither knows nor cares if any are backed by evidence.

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theeastisred、good point. Trump will never change. At 70, he's been lying so long it's doubtful if he even knows (much less cares) when he does so. For the GOP as a whole, though, the story is different. Eight years in the opposition made fabrication an easy fallback; giddiness at victory allowed them to extend reality avoidance for a few months. But the birds are coming home to roost. Nothing - NOTHING - is going well for the administration or for the GOP Congress, and avoidance of reality is the major factor for this.

Many adults within the GOP tent recognize this, and their voices will carry greater weight. Still, how they'll dig their way out of this is anyone's guess. Likely Trump will lead a caretaker government until 2018, when the Dems will take over congress (that is, if he lasts that long).

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“Are you going to take the tweets literally?” Nunes said.

Yeah, why take the President's word literally? It's not like he is the most powerful person in the world and the leader of the free world whose words have weight, right? Right?

If no evidence of wiretapping at Trump Tower emerges, his credibility would be newly damaged.

Ah, but herein lies the crucial mistake. Trump never had any credibility. But most importantly, his base doesn't even care. They hate Obama/Libs/Dems so fiercely they couldn't care less that the President lied in a fit of petulance.

As I have said in a previous post, Trump was correct when he said he could shoot someone and not lose a single vote. Most of his base will never not believe that Obama had his wires tapped, and no one can convince them. If the FBI says tomorrow he is beholden to Putin and Russia, all he has to do is tweet "FAKE NEWS", and most of his supporters will keep their ears shut and follow him blindly.

Asked Wednesday if he had ever briefed Trump on the investigation or given the president any reason to believe he had been wiretapped by the Obama administration, Sessions said, “The answer is no.”

So, when is the new AG getting "FIRED"?

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Maybe, just maybe, they are beginning to see the light ! The quasi administration/Presidency is starting to crumble ! All in the first one hundred days !

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It's almost 2 weeks now, and still nothing. That's more than enough time to find something, especially from such confident accusation

("I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!" -- Trump)

Trump could just have had his Justice Department -that he now controls- release any or all its records regarding Trump and Trump Tower, but either he won't or can't due to there are no such record of activities, so instead he kicked the responsibility to Congress to find the evidence for him - and even they didn't find anything

In either case, at this point, an apology seems to be in order

He did personally accuse the guy a serious allegation of Nixon/Watergate proportions and called him a bad/sick person

("Just found out that Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower just before the victory. How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!" -- Trump )

Since it's a very serious allegation, Trump should never had pressed-send those tweets in the first place, until or unless he has evidence in front of him after some investigation. He jumped the gun big time and ended up with egg on his face

Nobody really believes the excuses the Trump aides took a whole week to make up (it's like Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman" trying to redefine what he meant by "sex")

He should just apologize and cut this sorry saga out of its misery. The longer this prolongs, the more he's only keeping people remember this whole embarrassing episode on their minds

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It's pretty funny watching Trump, his defenders, and his otherwise supporters backtracking on this. "Wiretaps? He never meant it literally... he never means anything literally! He meant surveillance!" "Microwaves? She was speaking in jest!" "He never said 'ban'!", etc.

TOO funny!

The only sad part is watching them try to, instead of just admitting they overreached, create a conspiracy in which the downfall they have put themselves in is really the result of a "deep state", and when they are indeed on the cusp of crumbling from their own lunacy they will say that it's a coup and probably declare martial law or something.

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Trump really needs to keep his finger off the Tweet button.

He's a perfect case of saying too much in the heat of the moment.

It's like clicking "send" for an email and then yelling out "Doh!" after realizing it was a mistake and you shouldn't have sent it.

But Trump doesn't seem to have that "Doh!" consciousness or awareness.

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He has more problems. His wife in Ivana is writing a book titled Raising Trumps and his connection with Russia is coming open.

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Trump sure did wait a long time before clarifying his statement. I guess he was just sitting back and enjoying all of the "misrepresentation".

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He is concentrating on immigration now. His targets are not Mexican today.

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