Trump's bluster is heard around the world


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I think he's legitimate in the form of a voter backlash against the standard, cardboard, comically incompetent Republican party candidates and house reps

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I'm wracking my brains for an example of a US president in modern times who was elected without every having held a previous political office, and the only name I can come up with is Dwight Eisenhower. The odds against Trump winning are too high to contemplate him as a serious candidate.

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Slowly but surely this fact-free bellicose billionaire is slipping in the polls.

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I love it - the guy with an immigrant mother, multiple immigrant wives (younger and younger with each marriage) and who has benefited financially from bankruptcy protections and govt. money is a raving anti-big govt., immigrant bashing loud mouth. Really, I wish the media would stop giving this joker all the attention he craves -

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Perfect front runner for the Republicans. Empty suit braggart bigot who has failed his way to success. If Trump had taken his riches from his Dad and put it into the stock market his net worth would be higher than it is today with all of his failures. Anyone remember Trump Air, wow, that was horrible. Or Trump University? Another flop. This list is quite long.

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Absolutely frightening that anyone would even consider this clown. He sounds like an isolationist dictator.

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The fact that he is the leading candidate for the Republicans says a lot about how far they have fallen.

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At this point it’s hard to say whether ultra-right political manipulators like the Koch brothers and media barons like Murdoch will support Trumpery. Media not owned by Murdoch and other right wingers will start digging deeper into his past and find the times he had his companies discriminate against non-whites. They’ll investigate and learn more about the factories in Bangladesh, Mexico and China manufacturing his products while he’s trumpeting make America great. They’ll provide more details about his bankruptcies. They’ll find dirt on his relationships with ex-wives and other women. (Not fair game, but an unfortunate reality of sanctimonious US life.)

The good news is I think he’s going to get tired of the media asking him questions that suggest he doesn’t walk on water, and then he’ll eventually drop out. But dropping out will attract more attention to brand Trumpery, which may have been his goal in ‘running’ all along.

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In the 5 second sound bite, last thing you heard that is today's America - is it such a wonder that trump is polling well? What depths has America sunk too that this man is considered by many as a possible president? In the developed world he would be a comedy/cartoon character that cheap regional TV shows would give him a slot for the humorous input and to slightly raise their ratings. And then they would move on to more serious things like the weather forecast.

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Many opinion leaders and ordinary people are concerned, though, about the prospect of the powerful United States electing a president with no political experience.

Pffff- ordinary people gave obama that chance, look how that's turning out.

The fact that he is the leading candidate for the Republicans says a lot about how far they have fallen.

How the obama administration has been failing, says a lot about how far Donald Trump has risen.

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I love Trump. He's destroyed the Republican brand with Latinos. And that means Team Dem takes the White House in 2016.

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Most Latinos are too friggn' broke to be (R) anyways. Team Dem take White House, 2016 huh? Fair enough. . . H. Clinton got bigger balls than obama anyways, so what have we got to lose? Hell. Count my vote too-

My concern (like D Trump even once said) is that, " How is Hillary going to satisfy americans, when she couldn't even satisfy her husband?"

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My concern (like D Trump even once said) is that, " How is Hillary going to satisfy americans, when she couldn't even satisfy her husband?"

It's a ridiculous comment - she may very well have been satisfying Bill. Some guys just want more, even if they are good with what they are already getting.

But that all said, Bernie is the better choice anyways.

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“If he doesn’t get his own way, he just loses it.” As she sees it, “He would be a disaster for everyone.”

Rump has the self control of a ten year old with a trust fund. Worst, as an adult, Rump behaves like the spoiled child who has to have the spotlight or he tantrums his adolescent rage in personal attacks, racist screeds and misogynistic insults.

If the world needs a three year old who can trigger international conflict and represent America as it's ADHD in Chief, Rump provides the spectrum of personality disorders and mental instability that easily qualifies for that role.

Fortunately the world doesn't need Rump and Americans already had an AWOL Bush, and most can remember how that turned out. Badly, very, very badly.

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