Trump's Supreme Court nominee vows independence; says he's no 'rubber stamp'


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Trump promised during last year’s presidential campaign...

You can ignore most things that follow that beginning.

Some Democrats have said Republicans “stole” a Supreme Court seat last year

Well of course they stole it. Obama was elected, a judge passed away, and Republicans set aside the Constitution and did what was best for their party. Obama could have appointed his own judge in a procedural move when Congress was in recess, but he's more of a "country before party" kind of guy.

[Gorsuch] sidestepped answering whether he thought a series of contentious cases from the past had been decided correctly, including Roe v. Wade and cases on gun rights, political spending, religious rights and the ruling tipping the 2000 presidential election to Republican George W. Bush.


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Well he says these things during a nomination, but I have always been taught that actions speak louder than words!

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Independence from the Toddler-in-Chief ? Yeah, right ! Let's see how well that works for him !

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Judge Neil Gorsuch is a conservative constitutionalist nominated to replacing conservative Judge. Democrats are foolish to fight his nomination, at end court will goes back to status quo. Trump’s next, very likely, nomination will cause major fights between liberals and conserves.

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