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Tunisian election draws just 8.8% turnout

By Tarek Amara and Angus McDowall

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Whether you believe in the election or not, everyone needs to vote.

I think you missed the point. Boycotting the election is a people's way of telling the despot that runs the country they know the election is a sham and the resulting "government" in no way represents their views. Any politician or judge who opposes the current dictator is in jail barred from running. With that in mind the people are saying they are not being offered a democratic choice of representatives and therefore they boycott to show the world and their dictator they do not consider what is offered them acceptable. Whatever government emerges it will be clear the great majority of Tunisians do not consider them legitimate.

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Tunisian election draws just 8.8% turnout:

With a pathetically miserable of

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Whether you believe in the election or not, everyone needs to vote.

Boycotting elections is handing the victory to others.

Anyone telling you not to vote isn't your friend. For every voter they can get NOT to show up, their single vote is multiplied. It is simple math.

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