Turkey's Erdogan talks to Swedish, Finnish leaders on NATO


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Anyone who opposes Mr. Erdogan is labeled a "terrorist". Mr. Erdogan is trying to have over 500 members of the Istanbul government arrested for "terrorism". Their crime? They are members of an opposition political party that defeated the candidate from Mr. Erdogan's party. He is also hinting at having his primary opponent for the upcoming Presidential election arrested, calling his criticism of Arab investment in Turkey "treason". Over 150 journalists are in prison in Turkey for telling the truth. Some managed to escape before they could be arrested and now reside in Scandinavian nations including Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Some years ago the Turks tried to block a Dane from leading NATO because there were Kurds sitting in the Danish Parliament. Oh the horror, "terrorists" on the Danish Parliament. The Turks had to back down on that one,, shamed by the other NATO members who backed the Danish candidate. Ultimately this move by the Turks will further isolate them within the alliance. Not mentioned is that neither house of the US Congress will approve weapons sales to the Turks. They have been blocked for I think four years now. The Senate in particular is against any arm sales to Turkey and rightly so as Turkey with their support for HTS (formed out of Al Nusra) and tacit support for Daesh is a state sponsor of terrorism. The real terrorists are the Turks, not the Swedes.

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While other NATO nation appear welcoming to have Finland and Sweden join, Turkey has raised objections to their accession, principally over the presence of alleged terrorists in their countries and the block on arms sales.

Erdogan the opportunist see's a way to get what he wants, and that he otherwise would not be able to obtain, in objecting to the inclusion of Finland and Sweden into NATO. Turkey has no respect or love for the alliance they are in and does not care if it is strengthened and has no concern for the safety NATO confers for the two hopeful nations. Erdogan truly is a despicable leader along the lines of Putin and Xi. Such a pity he has his claws in the Turkish people.

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Erdogan is the enemy within NATO, a Trojan Horse. Even though his evil behaviours and attitudes have already been shown, the real Erdogan has yet to be revealed. NATO should use this as an oppertunity to get rid of Erdogan and take in Sweeden and Finland. The gaul of Erdogan. He is not fit to wipe the shoes of such renowned and respected humanitarian states as Sweden and Finland.

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I think it's time to dump Turkey from NATO. Who cares about their control of access to the Black Sea? Only Russia. Erdogan is as much an enemy to the countries around the world that are suffering food shortages as is Putin. They both think they're gods, and that's a mental illness.

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Erdogan is playing NATO and the EU with aplomb and considerable success, but his domestic situation is getting ropey.

NATO should eject him for his alignment to Russia. But they want to operate from Turkish bases and the EU fear a new wave of migrants.

It's likely that everyone will look the other way whilst Sweden and Finland suspend their ethics and kick out anyone Erdogan wants them to. He'll probably bag a load of other favours and some cash, and then set about suppressing opposition at home Putin-style.

It's a bad world out there.

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Is there anything that would allow the majority or even a super-majority of NATO nations to suspend the requirement for a unanimous veto? As NATO gets bigger, this may a good idea. I will look into it.

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It's likely that everyone will look the other way whilst Sweden and Finland suspend their ethics and kick out anyone Erdogan wants them to. He'll probably bag a load of other favours and some cash, and then set about suppressing opposition at home Putin-style.

I don't see that happening. The rest of the NATO allies are on Sweden and Finland's side on this matter. Many of these Kurds are refugees fleeing Turkish political persecution, among them are journalists who wrote critically of the current Turkish regime and are called "terrorists" as a result and some former Turkish elected members of their Parliament who the government labeled as terrorists for daring to challenge the policies of Mr. Erdogan. The great majority of NATO allies are frankly appalled at how Turkey is being transformed into a theocratic dictatorship by Mr. Erdogan and his allies. What I see happening after a long period of dispute is the Turks being offered some almost valueless palliative to give Mr. Erdogan a fig leaf but in the end the Swedish courts in particular are not going to allow the extradition of refugees to Turkey knowing they are going to be sent to prison for the high crime of voicing an opinion contrary to that of the current rulers of Turkey. The US never extradited Fethullah Gulen for much the same reason, and because the Turks could not provide evidence of probable cause to believe he and his organization were indeed guilty of any crimes. Mere allegations are not proof and the Scandinavian nation's courts are not pushovers in this regard. Turkey may find itself isolated with no allies if they push this too far, but if you look at Mr. Erdogan's history he paints himself into these corners frequently and has to back down.

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By reaching out like this he’s showing that he actually wants them to join NATO, but he has concerns which he wants addressed. That’s pretty reasonable. Both Finland and Sweden, if they really want to join, they can’t be dismissive of this.

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Turkey controls the entrance to the black sea so they should be treated gently.

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Croatia is also threaten to veto.

The people of Sweden have asked for a public referendum but the government has refused, knowing that a majority of Swedes are against the idea of starting a war with Russia.

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