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Turkey's plan to settle refugees in northeast Syria alarms allies

By Dominic Evans

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Remember who we have to thank for this: Donny.

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Ethnic planning - Turkey wants to displace the Kurds. Seeds of future conflict are being sown.

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A senior U.S. State Department official described the plan as "probably the craziest idea I've ever heard".

A plan to relocate refugee Syrians in SYRIA? After establishing military control in a sector of a war torn country? Hey, I got an idea that might sound more sane to you Mr. American about open America's borders to those people?

Anyway, the idea isn't crazy. Its shrewd. Of course the real purpose is not to help those Syrians but rather its an excuse to go kill some Kurds who ALSO deserve to keep their lands and country but Turkey wants to steal.

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Kurds who ALSO deserve to keep their lands and country but Turkey wants to steal.

Follow the oil.

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Sending Syrians back to Syria.

What a travesty.

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Sending Syrians back to Syria, not to their own homes, but to lands that were never theirs, and by kicking out Syrians already living there? Sounds like a plan.

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There are right and wrong ways to pull out. The US generals on the ground are against a sudden pull-out. The US should make a deal with Turkey first.

Otherwise, if Turkey calls out Trump's bluff and goes ahead anyway, there could be 3 major consequences that can happen:

1) No ally local groups would trust the US again. The US has more and more preferred leaving the fighting against terrorism on the local groups in order to minimize their soldier casualties

2) The US would lose their goodwill with the Kurds in Iraq

3) If the Syrian Kurds are pushed into the corner of annihilation, they could make a deal with their ISIS prisoners to let the ISIS fighters go free in exchange for fighting the Turks for their own survival

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One problem is that Turkey used to help IS, by buying their oil etc. And when the Kurds gave their all to liberate Kobani, the Turks massed their tanks across the border and simply watched. They could have helped but they did not lift a finger against IS.

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And today Turkey are on the move, and one of their targets is that very same Kobani/Kobane that the Syrian Kurds spilled so much blood for, wresting it back from IS.

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 The world doesn't understand

You cannot destroy a terrorist organization with another terrorist organization. ISIS is a terrorist organization yes. PKK and Kurdish YPG, PYD is a terrorist organization. America and the European Union officially accepted this. This organization was established in 1984 and killed 35 thousand Turkish people. why you don't see these facts. 4 million people because of the war in Syria Syrians living in Turkey. The world doesn't see it. Turkey, wants to protect the country's borders and to destroy terrorism in Syria. And he fights for it alone. God bless the Turkish soldier

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