Turkey President Erdogan says Western missions will 'pay' for closures

By Azra Ceylan

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The Sultan of Ankara is coming unglued.

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It’s not just Turkiye that is angry, just they are troublesome for NATO.

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It’s not just Turkiye that is angry, just they are troublesome for NATO.

I could see where Russia and Russian aligned countries wouldn't like it. OTOH, I doubt NATO cares. It isn't like Russia will invade a country over nothing ... oh, wait.

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It's not like Turkey is proving to be a good neighbour at the moment. This whole Sweden issue is making the country a bit distasteful at the moment.

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Turkiye is a free society, but it sits at the cross roads between many different friendly and non-friendly countries with very different cultures. For thousands of years, Turkiye has sat between three areas of the world and been a trading post.

They also have a difficult past of genocide, for which some of their neighbors would like reparations paid over.

Don't confused the Govt of Turkiye with the people of Turkiye. The Turkish govt has many sides to please and trying to please everyone isn't possible. Of course, each side wants their wishes implemented by Turkiye for their own reasons. When Erdogan is gone, hopefully (not likely) in May, things there will change again.

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