Turkey's Erdogan pulls out of European treaty on violence against women


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Weak men need to harm women.

Turkey will never join the EU now. It is amazing how much ground Turkey has lost under Erdogan. As long as Islam allows "honor killings" of women and girls, there will never be equality in those states. Turkey was a very modern place. I always enjoyed my time there - well, except when being tear gassed because we were down wind from some violent protestors. That's never fun.

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I have no idea if domestic violence in Turkey is any worse than anywhere else but the Koran actually sanctions the (moderate ) beating of wives. So its not a great surprise that an Islamist party would not be for this treaty.

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Can’t figure the guy out. He does really good things then really bad things.

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Anyone who knows Erdogan should not be surprised. He is not polling well in the upcoming elections and this is a sop to his Islamist base.

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theFu islaam doesnt allow honor killings

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“Whoever kills a believer intentionally, their reward will be Hell, to abide therein forever, and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon them, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for them.” (4:93)

But what about non-believers? What is a "believer"? I'd bet the definition changes based on the person. Is a Jew a believer? Is a Christian a believer? Is a Buddhist a believer? Is a Hindu a believer?

“It is not permissible to shed the blood of a Muslim who bears witness that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah except in three cases: a life for a life (murder), zina of one who is previously married (adultery), and the one who changes his religion and forsakes the jamaa’ah.” (Bukhari)

So ... it appears that there are exceptions for when killing is fine by much of the Muslim world.

If it is the culture, not the religion, I don't see any difference. Bob has confirmed that to me. I believe in Bob. Does that make me a non-believer?

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theFu, i am still waiting for your proof that islaam allows honor killings. texts please: al-quraan or hadeeth.

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