Turkey, Armenia sign historic accord


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Way to go Turkey people and Armenians. Keep peace going up.

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I won't trust the turks...

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“The success of Turkey in pressuring Armenia into accepting these humiliating, one-sided protocols proves, sadly, that genocide pays,” But it's not the holocaust so nobody really cares, do they? They were just Armenian Christians, not Jews unfortunately.

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As for rajakumar 'Way to go' indeed. Way to go Barack, way to go Netanyahu, way to go ...

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BobbieWickham- I am only saying way to go,for peace between Turkey/Armenia.

I did not say way to go Obama/Netanyahu.

You are putting words ,into my comments,words which are not actually there.

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Absolutely rajakumar. You didn't. Sorry. Just trying to make the point that if the Armenians are expected to fogive and forget the Turks then maybe the Israelis/Americans could be expected to ease up a little bit on the Holocaust. Read about the Armenian massacre a while back and it was quite horrific. Tough Turkish soldiers bragging about raping and killing kids and stuff like that. GK Chesterton once wrote that it's one thing to forgive and forget, it's another to forget and expect to be forgiven. You wouldn't expect the Jews to forget about the Holocaust, would you? But that's what the Turks are demanding of the Armenians. So way to go peace but not at any cost.

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But that's what the Turks are demanding of the Armenians.

That may or may not be what Turkey is demanding. However, I don't see anyone else, except maybe you, suggesting that someone is suggesting Armenians forget the massacre that happened to them. They should not forget it. No one here has said they should. That does not mean that there cannot be peace. It is rather disingenuous to take rajakumar's honsest and sincere wishes for peace (and that is all any reasonable person could take from his comments) for some support for forgetting about the massacre.

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Thanks Kinku "But Turkey’s Ahmet Davutoglu appeared the far happier top envoy as he smiled broadly while posing for photographs and greeting the other foreign ministers in attendance. Armenia’s Nalbandian, by contrast, only grudgingly smirked as he shook Davutoglu’s hand." "About 10,000 protesters rallied Friday in Armenia’s capital to oppose the signing, and a tour of Armenian communities by Sarkisian sparked protests in Lebanon and France, with demonstrators in Paris shouting “Traitor!”" (See above) This is the 8th comment 4 sadly of which are mine. So who is everybody else? The Armenians are never going to forget the massacre. It is the Turks who have conveniently forgotten it just as Americans conveniently forget that Henry Ford was the main financial contributer to Hitler among other things.

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Bobbie Wickham- Thanks for your honest nice reply. We all make our share of mistakes,don't we,in our comments.

Even I have said sorry many times, for my mistakes and keep learning from others on JT. I think I should not have , jumped to my conclusions fast ,either. The longer we are in JT,the more we all learn together. Keep posting more comments on Turkey/Armenia. Have a good day.

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This is the 8th comment 4 sadly of which are mine.

That just means its a holiday and thus less people commenting. I don't think it means the content of the discussion is less important. It certainly is not to me.

So who is everybody else?

Well, so far I don't see anyone saying that it should be forgotten. I don't see anyone thus far taking Turkey's side and defending what they did.

The Armenians are never going to forget the massacre.

As they should not. Again, so far no one here disagrees with you on that.

It is the Turks who have conveniently forgotten it just as Americans conveniently forget that Henry Ford was the main financial contributer to Hitler among other things.

I agree that people should remember what happened and that Turkey should be encouraged to own up to what they have done. I am hoping this can be a first step. The Armenians should never forget what happened regardless. As to Ford, his history is not unknown. Again, at least not to me. He was scum. It is certainly public knowledge, worldwide, I would think that he was.

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kinniku- Always glad to read your posts.

I am happy that Mr Wickham is joining us,with comments on this thread.

I also have been guilty of being unjust with my posts,many times and said sorry many times ,in past comments.

We all make mistakes on JT,kinniku. Guess,we keep learning everytime,how to improve our posts.

Yes we may be sincere and have honest wishes for peace .Our honesty and sincerity is lacking,if it does not add to peace ,already here on JT or elsewhere.

Bobby Wickham, has some good points,to add to this Armenia/Turk history talk and debates for Armenia/Turk ties improvements.

Thanks, Mr Kinnuku,for coming to my defense,much appreciated.

I would also do the same for you and all of our other friends ,who have been friends for years.

Have a good day.

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Thank you for your comments. I agree 100%! I always enjoy your comments on JT. They are a breath of fresh air. Peace to you.

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kinniku + rajakumar. Thanks guys (or girls). Very good points. Especially regarding it being a holiday. At the same time one has to admit that the horrible things that happened in Turkey/Armenia don't attract 1% of the interest garnered by the Holocaust. For whatever reason Israel seems to have the monopoly on suffering.

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It is a shame at a point where we are all agreeing and agreeable that you would have to toss in a dig at Israel. Israel has nothing to do with this and neither does the Holocaust. There is no connection.

There have been so many massacres and genocides (I would call the Armenian one a genocide, BTW, not merely a massacre.), that people turn off to most of it, that includes the Holocaust. In this case, it was an even longer time ago as this was one of the first modern genocides. I think that is one factor in making it less well known. I would bet there are few people in the world that do not know of the Cambodian genocide and that too has nothing to do with Israel or the Holocaust. The same goes for Rwanda. Keep your focus where it should be, letting people know about THIS horrible event, instead of misplaced angry at victims of the Holocaust or Israel. That will certainly do more good in getting the victims of the Armenian genocide the recognition they deserve.

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Bobbie wickham , Thanks,for your Armenian Holocaust enlightment,we need more post on this topic here.

I am a guy(XY chromosomes),for your information.

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