Turkey clashes re-erupt as protestors rage at defiant PM


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Can the Arab Spring be spreading to Turkey?

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If things there don't settle down soon, Tokyo's going to be a shoo-in for the 2020 Olympics.

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Inose is looking like a genius now.

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@Wakarimasen i think spring will spread to TR. but it's not like arab spring. people dont want so hard muslim laws and dont want to Turkey be an arabic country. they ask for democrasy.

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@therougou, this has nothing to do with what Inose said. Turks are not fighting, they are making peace. Everyone is helping each other to stand against the regime that is becoming more and more totalitarian, islamist and facist. PM thinks he can do just about anything since he's in power for 10 years. Turks are showing him who the real boss is.

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