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Turkey fires tens of thousands in coup plotters hunt


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Turkey should thank its lucky stars the US wants it in the EU.

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EU should accept Turkey immediately.

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This is Erdogan's "Burning of the Reichstag" moment. It's sounding like Turkey's Intelligence agency knew about the plan but did nothing to stop it...convenient for Erdogan, since he could then claim the mantle of protector of the nation, and then roll up all opposition in a huge dragnet to solidify complete control.

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Erdogan is now purging the education system. Who knew "the plot" reached so deep?

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Turkey should thank its lucky stars the US wants it in the EU.

May be the US should ask the EU opinion on the matter first?

Wow, the witch hunt is on! 15 thousands of Education ministry officials in the military coup?? Seriously? Erdogan looks like Hitler after the 1944 coup or like Mao Zedong in 60s.

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Merkel will take Turkey alright. Probably the future of the EU is middle eastern countries replacing the european ones that break away. Islamism a plus, of course.

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@ Crazyjoe,

Well said mate.

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"All the evidence" also pointed to Erdogan and his son enriching themselves at the taxpayer's expense. Erdogans response was to order the evidence destroyed.

I think if the bloodthirsty tyrant Erdogan does bring back capital punishment it will end with him being assassinated by the family member of someone he has murdered.

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Turkey's voting for Christmas

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Turkey is a democracy. Erodagan will have to justify his steps eventually - and he's clearly already overstepped. 2019 will be a test of Turkish democracy.

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The Turkish language is being taught here in Tokyo ... I have a friend studying it. Wonder if some of those 15,200 educators who were fired will be looking over this way for a job? That's a lot of teachers suddenly looking for work. And deans, too ...

What a mess over there in Turkey ...

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Well Turkey's chances of ever joining the EU isnt gonna most Turks dont want to be in the EU anyway.

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Turkey is having its own night of the long knives and Western leaders applaud Erdogan's actions as being somehow democratic. Just like the political overlords before them they fail to see the real danger in this and just like what happened after 1938, one sect will rise to claim supremacy. A sect bound by a religion that promotes the practices of the Dark Ages in Sharia law, whose followers believe in the oppression of women and death to all infidels.

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They must have built gaols in advance to house all the political pri.....sorry cough accused. That's a lot of people.

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The boss of the coup terrorist setting in the US in a safe heaven, taking direction from the US and brainwashing people in Turkey and killed 290 people and they were intended to kill more and were aim for dictatorship, all the coup terrorist and brainwashed people should be arrested.

The whole western media and politicians supporting these coup terrorist, wichh shows their double standard and hypocrisy

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The whole western media and politicians supporting these coup terrorist, wichh shows their double standard and hypocrisy

It's one thing to arrest and punish those who attempted the coup, and another to fire thousands of teachers because you have information that they criticize you.

The way this coup involved makes me think that Erdogan knew about it and did nothing to prevent it beforehand.

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