Turkey holds security meeting; speculation on Syria action


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This is not going to end well.

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"I say to the international community that whatever price must be paid, we will never allow the establishment of a new state on our southern frontier in the north of Syria," Erdogan said Friday.

But the crook Erdogan was happy to sit by and do nothing whilst his Islamic State friends did exactly that.

If Turkey intervenes in Syria to support IS heavy sanctions should be imposed immediately.

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BB, this is the first time I have ever heard anyone praising the use of barrel bombs. Are you Syrian?

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The article is vague, but it sounds like Erogan plans to intervene against the Kurds, aka on behalf of ISIS.

That would be totally obscene, but in line with the islamist Turkish AKP government.

If that happens, Turkey should be kicked out of NATO immediately --- in a sane world, that is.

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ISIL/S seems to be the one group of all those arrayed against Assad that he has not actively attacked.

Mr Erdogan next-door is Sunni, the population of Turkey is 73% Sunni, all schools are forced to conduct Sunni religious teaching, and Turkey has a close relationship with Saudi Arabia, so I can understand why he might want to keep in the good books of ISIL (ISIS). He also dislikes Assad, but perhaps when he sees the Kurds not attacking Assad, he feels that they may help cement Assad's northern border alongside Turkey, creating their own state too, and thus they may have suddenly become his No.1 concern, grit in his eye.

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