Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was hoax


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Erdogan is a scary man. He's showing that the Turkey of Midnight Express was a mild form of police state nastiness in comparison to what he's doing. A world with Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Abe, Trump etal in charge would make anything written by Philip K. Dick (RIP) seem Heidi-like.

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Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was hoax

So speculation and free thought is now a crime in Turkey? A dictatorship masquerading as a democracy.

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Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was hoax

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth.

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"More than 13,000 people, including nearly 9,000 soldiers, 2,100 judges and prosecutors and 1,485 police, have been detained, according to the president."

So, just couple days after the coup attempt, they were able to connect all these 13000 people to it? This is even worse than 911. where they named all 11 hijackers of the event, just couple days after it. Investigators must have been on steroids. Or simply they knew about these people already and looking for excuse to get rid of them. Dirty politics by dirty government. False flag operation. They are just following the foot steps of the big brother.

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Erdogan is rapidly dismantling Kemalism and turning Turkey into an islamist dictatorship -- and our politicians are fast asleep, ignoring the topic.

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