Turkey: IS has lost all territory along Syria-Turkey border


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Turkey: IS has lost all territory along Syria-Turkey border

Given all the thumb-twiddling on Kobane's perimeter, it's a pretty empty boast.

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The last thing Assad would want on Syrian soil is his hated Turkey who wants Assad out - and Russia normally would have Assad's back on this, but Erdogan and Putin shook hands on this. Notice how quiet the protestations have been. Did anybody even notice? That's how quiet.

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This is good news in that this particular pack of amoral sociopaths are finally being contained. But it doesn't address the broader implications of what happened to those areas in the ensuing power vacuum.

Sadly, I have no doubt it will business as usual, with the Kurds, Turks, and Syrians going at it again, leaving the area ripe for the next batch of sociopaths.

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These drug-fuelled IS losers are pretty good at pushing kids and unarmed civilians around, but they run away when faced by real, disciplined soldiers. The cowards deserve their forthcoming elimination, along with their joke caliphate.

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