Turkey moves to block YouTube but attempt fails


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As with the recent move to block Twitter, this is doomed to fail. Erdogan's days are now numbered. And this from a country which wants to join the EU? What a shame for Turkey.

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Erdogan IS a Turkey.....

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Turkey banned msn when I visited over there in March 2012.

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How do governments block websites?

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Tayyip Erdogan is an idiot, not just because he fails to understand how utterly impossible it is to block a site like YouTube, but also because he can't seem to fathom that these kinds of draconian reactions to unflattering information among the public can dly balloon into the kind of protests that brought down the Egyptian government and the former Ukrainian president. Idiot, idiot, idiot.

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Wrong. Those "kind of protests" are not spontaneous at all, they are orchestrated by U.S. of A. Same with the previous protests in Turkey last year. Erdogan is trying hard to keep his grip on power, and he's by far not the worst leader for the Turks. He's pragmatic, and that's a good thing. But some actions can't really be followed through without a much harsher regime, so in present-day Turkey it won't be possible to block everything he'd like. It'd be healthy for the nation, I'd wager. If all those who fool around on the streets protesting actually went and did some work for a change, Turkey would be much better off.

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