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Turkey renews threat of military offensive in Syria


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That's right now. russia invades Ukraine and you think you can start your crap on the Kurds again. And calling them 'terrorists' doesn't mean you're in the right nor does does it justify your shenanigans while the rest of NATO is distracted. Shame.

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"We will clean up Tal Rifaat and Manbij", he said, referring to two northern Syrian cities.

Erdogan said they would then proceed, "step by step, into other regions"......"We will see who supports the legitimate security operations carried out by Turkey and who tries to oppose them," said Erdogan."

As long as NATO continues to allow such fascists not only into its organisation, but allows them to threaten honorable commentators who cal them out for their genocide of Kurd's, then NATO's criticism of Russia will remain open to criticism of hypocrisy.

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