Turkey, Russia face conflicts over Syria's push into Idlib


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HTS is considered a terrorist organization by the United States, Russia and Turkey,

You know you're in the age of doublespeak and the news from the Ministry of Truth when Al Qaida are suddenly presented as the "good guys" who shouldn't be attacked.

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But Turkey also needs Russia to rein in Syrian President Bashar Assad to prevent a massive outflow of refugees and to keep Turkish soldiers on the ground safe.

Millions of Syrian people held hostage and kept in harm's way as Assad tries to maintain the authoritarian regime passed on from his father, as Erdogan tries to re-establish a Turkish empire, as Putin tries to re-establish some variation of one of Russia's empire, as the fading US and 'western' empires try to hold on to the bits of control they have remaining, as competing religious states (Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) and groups battle for control.

None of these empires nor their leaders care one whit for the Syrian people.

Who will pay for rebuilding Syria?

The taxpayers in each of the above states will pay more to finance the ongoing conflicts. Only the .01% in each state will benefit.

Same as it ever was.

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as Assad tries to maintain the authoritarian regime passed on from his father

Uh, you did mean to say “secular authoritarian regime” right? Everything else I’d pretty much agree with. But don’t you find it interesting that it’s the TWO secular regimes that have been targeted and destroyed by war? It’s almost as if there’s this evil magical power, some call it the Petrodollar, some call it Central Banking or fiat money, that is behind it all, and not some delusional individuals wanting to reestablish an empire.

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