Turkey warns it may use army to end protests


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Army will not be deployed against protesters in Turkey! It will never happen. Protesters in Turkey are not vandals, they are freedom lovers, republic lovers and dictator haters. Army is the protector of secularism and the day they crack down on peaceful protestors, all hope would be lost, I believe we'll never see it.

Erdogan is weak because he's taking this personally, calling protestors names and trying to show them as terrorists, trying to gather a crowd that is larger than protsters. He has a small man complex, saying things like "don't test my patience" and too many "I"s in general. It's embarassing to have PM like him, trying to clinch on his position and power. He collected people to his gathering by offering them money and transportation. People from most uneducated parts of city, doesn't know how to talk and how to walk. THey ended up trashing the place and descegrating Turkish flags by throwing them on the floor. Worse protester wouldn't do things they've done. They are no way representing Turkey, neither their PM Erdogan.

Turks owe their fredom to on man, Mustafa Kemal Atatuk. He saved this nation single handedly when all hope was lost. Modern Turkey is his achievement, his present to us and we simply can't change it. Any leader trying to move Turkey away from this road will be reminded their place.

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If Erdogan orders the troops in they'll go in... I don't see them refusing to do so. That would lead to a coup and who knows where that could take Turkey.

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