Turkey warns of sanctions against France over genocide bill


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Geez, I wonder which side is telling the truth?? Rising up and siding with the Russian invading forces does sound pretty bad and if the Armenians did do this well it is only natural the the Turks would want to teach them a lesson, right??

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Armenian genocide is a historical fact. It is not debatable at all. The Ottomans did many ugly things during the first 2 decades of the 20th century. Modern Turkey has done many steps ahead and therefore it won't harm it's image if it finally recognizes the Armenian genocide.

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I think France has no right to put those sanctions on Turkey. Maybe Turkey should also put sanctions on France for the Algerian genocide. Just leave the past in the past and get on in the present. I am really getting tired with this problem.

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Foxie, you have a great point! The French have killed and invaded countries ALL OVER THE WORLD, well at least Africa, Latin America and Asia, who in the hell are the French to try and tell others that their history is bad?? The French invaded Mexico AFTER the Spanish had already had the brains to LEAVE Mexico, so as a Mexican, I have to say, stupid French government, leave the Turkish people alone and better to focus on your own situation, since the poor Turks already have to deal with terrorists from their Kurdish population, right? Viva La France and Liberte, Egalite and all of that good stuff!

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Elbuda, i would suggest you to read few articles about the Armenian genocide. We are talking about more than 1,000,000 Armenian victims. It might not be a big deal for someone from N. America, but for the Armenian people this is very serious.

I don't understand why Turkey does not recognize it. To make a comparison, it would be similar to a modern Germany not recognizing the Holocaust. I guess that would be a big deal, right?

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The Ottomans did many ugly things during the first 2 decades of the 20th century.

Ottomans did bad things all through their history for many centuries. Genocide against all the Balkan countries too. Turkey quarrels with each country that recognizes the genocide but those who do not recognize it are idiots who know nothing about history. There are many Armenians in many countries of Europe because their ancestors managed somehow to escape the genocide. Hope Turkey is never allowed to EU, its place is right there out of Europe. Why it is so difficult to recognize a bad deed? Repent, Turkey or Japan for your crimes against humanity, you need more humility.

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I don't understand why Turkey does not recognize it.

because it is shameful and cruelly inhuman. In Turkish history textbooks they write that Armenians committed crimes against the Turkish population, same as Japanese textbooks of history do not recognize the war crimes of Japanese army. Read the book Snow by Orhan Pamuk, even he is afraid to recognize the Armenian genocide clearly, because everybody who recognizes the genocide in Turkey or writes openly about it will be prosecuted and jailed. Basically this topic in Turkey is tabu.

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Sure, that genocide was horrible. Nobody denies that. The problem here is that FRANCE wants to put sanctions on Turkey for a crime it committed itself and never acknowledged it either.

The Algerian Genocide refers to the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Algerian Muslim Arab population of the French Algeria in 1945 and during the Algerian War (1954-1962) by French Army. It was implemented through massacres, mass murder and torture. The total number of resulting deaths is generally held to have been between 350,000 to 1,5 million.

Algeria called on France to apologise in 2005 for crimes committed during the colonial era. Bouteflika also urged Paris to admit its part in the massacres of 45,000 Algerians who took to the streets to demand independence as Europe celebrated victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. French authorities then responded by playing down the comments, urging "mutual respect".

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The thing that most of the people forget is that turkish goverment offered a council of historians which consists of armenian european and turkish to gather all the historic data they have about that time. and so far armenia ignored it by saying turkey should accept holocaust before gathering that council. i dont know you guys but if i was right on sth and if i really had proof in my hands then i would have jumped to the.opportunity of winning this debate which is keep being repeating for the last90 years. another thing:after ww1 america sent their amiral to check what was going on the east part of turkey and count the population there. it was proven by him that it was armenian thugs raiding towns and burning homes at first. thus leading to their forcefull immigration. and i guess i dont need to talk about russian or british interventions during ww. İt was war and all the countries conspired against each other. One last thing. the sources and pictures that armenians show to prove holocaust are the same pictures that turkish history books show as the proof the violence of the armenians thugs that raided towns. in this point i want to ask again why armenia do not want to make a council to prove their rightness? Ps:im writing from mobile. sorry for any typo

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For a couple of days thousands of Armenians were massacred by barbaric Turks. What is there to debate? Whether this happened or not? For Turkey obviously this has never happened and they will never acknowledge it because it will destroy their aspirations for being accepted as a part of the civilized world. Even nobel winner for literature Pamuk is not sure what happened, whether the Armenians provoked the turks or the other way round,,,what can be the use of a debate when Turkish people try to hide a shameful part of their history?

@frostthenoob I hate people talking without any personal experience and knowledge of the cruelty of the Turks at that time. I talk as a descendant of victims of the Turkish pogroms. From my point of view you are an idiot.

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And i talk as a descendant whose forefathers fought in ww1 and turkish independence war. im not saying that it didnt happen at all. im not saying noone died and everyone was singing and dancing during that time. if armenians have proof that ottoman started the fight with armenian civilians then they should accept the council and prove it. otherwise its only their point of view, not the fact! i dont know how u'r being raised there but our history teaches us sth while urs teach sth else. pls i beg armenian goverment and historians to accept this council if they really right about this subject and prove their rightness in front of the world, so my grandkids will know and learn the truth that noone told to us or to u. War is sth that never changes even by the aeons of time and always the innocent gets hurt. so if u want to have prejudice then u can have it as much as u want. just dont start bullshitting w/o searching the truth as i know very well that noone ahould really trust their nation's history books w/o reading different sources. with kind regards & respect to all deaths.

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I call the armenians to face with the truthes.but I know the history just repeats.they will deny.they killed so many turks and turkey only sent back them to their the Ottoman history;Ottoman didnt kill anyone unfair.if the Ottoman became brutal Ottoman would be the strongest in the know keep quiet please armenians and the others which want to take sth unfair from Turkey.

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45,000 Euros is a lot money!!

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hey,loveNot;you say barbaric turk.hahahahaa.I only laugh.if the turks are barbar,what about france.and what about armenias which killed so many people at the time of Canakkale War.Turks were defending the country and armenias were doing what?whatever bad that you can what did Ottoman do?Ottoman sent them to back.thats all.

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And 1.5million armenians who died according to armenian government

especially if u consider that the number of death is more than the number of armenians who lived in anatolia back then according to american admiral who visited those cities before the holocaust. except if only armenians learned how to reproduce themselves like the mushrooms.

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frostthenoob, Just imagine a situation when someones parents are murdered, and the murder says: 'Lets investigate how I killed your parents. Did i kill them because of their race or color or something else???" How would you feel???? There is no civilized country in the world who denies the fact of Armenian genocide. There are many countries who does not want to officially recognize it, just because they don't want to upset Turkey( FOR EXAMPLE THE USA). But if you have not done enough research about Armenian Genocide and you wonder if it really happened please follow this link in YouTube,this may help. This is the man who created the word " GENOCIDE".

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There are many countries who does not want to officially recognize it, just because they don't want to upset Turkey( FOR EXAMPLE THE USA).

While the US may not officially recognize it, I was certainly taught about it in school.

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İ would like to play with u guys more but unlike u im working in a real job and need to work. i will be replying ur questions after that.though i dont understand why u guys so afraid to that council

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ok.I wantt to tell u a friend did military service in erzincan(one of the city of Turkey).he said that his grandparents origin is erzincan.he said that;his fathers grandfather was killed by armenias inhumanly.they collected 40 turks in a mosque and they burned the mosque.with 40 people inside.One of them was my friends grndfather.Now I ask you.I human can do it?no...lets tell my friend that armenias are right.

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Lets say it all started with the Armenians, you know, just for arguments sake.

Does that give the Turks the right to round up all the women and children and march them in the desert to die?

Didn't think so.

If a certain population within your borders is ticking you off, you cut them off, not march them out and kill them. This is a lesson Turkey still does not understand. Look at the Kurds.

I am American and I do not deny the genocide of the Native Americans. Why should I? It wasn't me. Any of you Turks alive today have anything to do with the Armenian genocide? Didn't think so.

That said, I don't favor France's crack down on the freedom of speech. Its a can of worms. Will quibbling over numbers be considered denial, like it is with the Jewish Holocaust? Because I tell you what, I do not deny either Holocaust, but "official" details have been found to be full of crap. And I will tell you why: Because the victims feel they have something to gain by lying. I say both happened, but some healthy doubt is essential. When its forbidden by law, look out!

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baby;you dont know about the read from the recently books and you think in the light of these books.but as a turkish,I listen from the real people who has listened from their family.TURKEY DIDNT KILL THE ARMENIAS.armenias killed the muslims and they stole many things from turkish people.of course as a response some of them killed by Turks but nobody can say it was genocide.what is the meaning of genocide?(if you want to learn;look what france did in Algeria).a man trying to steal your money and killing your look or u do sth?of course you do sth.and it doesnt mean genocide.actually;what france is trying to do is not for armenias.france is using the russian did before.and you say Turkey is doing bad to kurds.hey baby,I have kurdish friends whose origin is Turkey.they curse the people who is trying to separate Turks and Kurds.but nobody will achieve it as long as we(real Turks and Kurds) are alive.thats all.

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The fact is many countries have dirty laundry. The U.S. Federal Corporation is guilty of genocide or mass murder of Puerto Ricans who want independence from the corporation. Every year the agents of the Corporation take hundreds at night from their homes, and they are never seen again. They never receive a trial or have formal charges placed against them. So, France has to accept that it was no angel, must live up to its past. Each country that hides its crimes must also be exposed and any surviving person guilty of the cover up, from those years should be put to death after trial. This is not about Just about France and Turkey, it is about the right of all people to learn that too much power given to politicians is deadly. THE RONBOT HUNTER ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Turkey warns of sanctions against France, but there's no French sanctions on Turkey.

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Iranian president wants to open a debate if there was a genocide against the Jews in Nazi Germany, Turkey wants to open a debate if there was a genocide against Armenians. When the truth is well know and there is no need of such a debate. Facts speak for themselves. About one million Armenians killed.

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if the Ottoman became brutal Ottoman would be the strongest in the know keep quiet please

Why should I keep quiet, my grandfather was a refugee from Turkey, so I have the right to express my opinion. Ottoman empire strongest in the world??? by the 19th century it was falling apart, many occupied countries freed themselves and Turkey lost the war to Russia. And what a sore loser Turkey was. The Turkish army giving way to the russian one, set fire to many cities, completely burning them (yes saving only the mosques) and brutally killed the peaceful population of whole cities without discrimination of women, children, men.

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Ironically, the term "genocide" did not even exist before 1944. It is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group. Human rights, as laid out in the U.S. Bill of Rights or the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, concern the rights of individuals. In other words, Turkey cannot be responsible for something which did not even exist in 1915.

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before russian provoke armenias againts to Turkey,there was no problem.I heard that we called the armenias as Allegiant People.but after that provoke of russian,armenia became enemy of know what happened after that.they killed so many that time Turks were in a bad condition.they were defending the country from the enemies.we were weak.armenia used this as a advantage.and Turkey sent them back to their house..thats all.if there is someone did bad it is thearmenias.not Turkey.

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I have a relative who was eye witness of some of the killings and described them in his memoires. At least for the places where he had been and what he has seen there was no violence by side of the Armenians. But what is more important for us today is not the absolute historical truth (which doesn't exist anyway). It's that we are free to discuss it. Unfortunately that is not the case in Turkey, where you still cannot even mention the massacres on the Armenians without getting into jail. Turkey still has a long way to go to become a free state.

That said, the development in France makes me worry as well. You cannot press history into laws. It is a violation of free speech. It hinders any objective research. French lawmakers do exactly what they blame the Turkish.

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All civilized countries should renounce ethnic cleansing and genocide. Turkey has no friends and support in Europe because of its past and current history. Its only big friend is the USA , a country we know has nothing to do with peaceful reconciliation, it uses Turkish lands for military bases to lead its wars against Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and keeping strategic location near Russia. Turkey is strategic ally of the USA and the USA cannot do without this country. France renouncing Turkey is a slap on the face of USA. Turkey should somehow accept responsibility for the wrongdoings and pay the heirs of the victims (me included, yes I am a heir of owner of land in Turkey, expelled from Turkey on ethnical basis).

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Now Sarkozy can safely pick up the votes of half a million ethnic Armenians in next year's presidential and legislative elections.

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1)Turkey is not friend with usa.only the presidents bought with money were friends with usa.2)if there is anyone want to take sth from Turkey,you must get to know the real Turkish People.75 million Turks are ready.just come and take what u want to is not easy.u know about Turks on media.but media doesnt show the u know what Turkish People are thinking about this topic?as a Turk i dont trust Turkish media.because it is controled by....not Turks.

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The thing isn't to prove if a Genocide was committed by Ottoman Turks or not ! The Armenian genocide is a fact of history. The denial of a genocide internationally recognized is an insult to fundamental and universal values ​​of a country such as France. It is normal to punish in France, the deniers of the first genocide of the twentieth century, who still are continuing to insult the memory of the victims, ninety-six years after the tragedy that made 1.5 million victims, and ten years after the recognition of this Genocide by France.  

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as French President Jacques Chirac once said himself: "Writing history is the job of the historians, not of the laws." Also, Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, has said: "speaking about the past or writing history is not the job of the parliament." So the president of France needs to stay out of this. He has no right. Rewriting history and supressing the truth by threatening those who speak the truth is a crime against humanity.

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