Turkey's Erdogan says apology from Netherlands not enough; attacks Merkel


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turkey is being driven to the abyss by this mad man. he's essentially the fat kim boy in that region at this point, only difference is turkey is still part of nato, for now. but he's trying really hard to break up

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Erdogan appears to be having either a mental breakdown or a power high. What on Earth is possibly motivating him to provoke tensions with his supposed allies like this? Is he that obsessed with Putin that he feels he needs to prove himself or something?

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The mad dog is biting it's owner who feeds food and sheltering. You can hear the Kremilin master is laughing louder than ever.

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NATO has lost Turkey, worry not though, Putin has stretched out his hand.

I think Turkey is too chicken (pun) to leave NATO

Leaving NATO means no more access to NATO R&D and pretty much goodbye to the option of being supported into the EU should they ever want to join (for the longest time, it was the US who's Turkey's main supporter, not the European countries)

For awhile now, they've been loving to playing both sides - they want to have their cake and eat it too

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Erdogan is playing political games on a stage he has no business being. Accusing The Netherlands and Germany using terms from his little dictionary of vile language won't sit well with the EU. The man is profiling himself as a hysteric idiot. Giving this dic(k)tator piece of work more power would be a grave mistake.

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Erdogan dont expect the EU will exists very long, or maybe its demise is imminent. So he has nothing to lose.

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Without the EU and its Schengen Agreement, a lot of Turks may find themselves barred from several individual European countries, e.g. quotas

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It's sad to see Turkey fall like this. Look at the line up of allies - Iran, Russia, Turkey. Not exactly economic powerhouses. They will all be vassals of China in another 10 years, assuming China holds together. Look for splits between West and East in Russia and Turkey. Look for Iran to rejoin the West when the crooked old clerics finally fall.

The world is undergoing a realignment like we haven't seen for 100 years.

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said Erdogan, who is campaigning for an April 16 referendum on boosting his powers.

Didn't know that was possible (not the referendum but rather 'boosting' his already virtually unlimited power)

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Some countries have a determination to be subservient vassals of stronger but deviant countries.

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Most of us dont really care what that little man child thinks he's like a turkish version of Trump except he doesn't have a funny twitter account.

and if he thinks an apology is not enough he can stick it where the sun dont shine Turkey isnt that important in the grand scheme of things.

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