Turkish PM claims victory after protest crackdown


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Victory?? I laugh at that! He's digging his own grave by showing how brutal his regime and policies are. Everyone all around the world heard how democratic he is. Free media is being arrested very day. He's running the country like mafia. His supporters are sub human level idiots who descegrated the Turkish flag by throwing them on the floor or just sitting on them. His days are numbered, he does not represent secular Turkish people. He's loosing support every day, we're gaining more and more people each day. People are waking up to see who he really is. There may be some conflict ahead, but I believe freedom and democracy will win and he will be gone.

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Dear Dilbert, As a secular Turkish citizen who supports AKP and Erdogan, I find your comment very insulting and orientalist. If you feed on only some "main stream" media news you can be easily fooled on how cruel and a dictator Erdogan is, but I think the situation at hand should be analysed deeply before making such crude comments on the ELECTED prime minister of a country. And I'm not one of those "sub human level idiots" you talk about since at least my Ph.D. degree provides some proof against that. Sometimes you should also listen to the voice of SILENT CROWDS. Regards..

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Erdrogan was elected, like it or not. Maybe he's like Nixon but it's still a democracy. The one thing I don't understand is who the foreign conspirators are? Why would anybody outside Turkey care if they pave over a park? Mind you, I agree the park should stay. But a conspiracy to overthrow the government? That's kind of scary.

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