Greece and Turkey agree to mend ties

By Angeliki Koutantou and Tuvan Gumrukcu

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Send back Constantinople to the Greeks..

Where it really belongs..

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Good, neighbors need to work for peace.

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This is mostly all talk with little substance. Turkey covets regional supremacy and is undermining existing treaties and covenants that have been in force from the founding of the modern Turkish state in 1922 and beyond. Turkey is still refusing to recognize what is known around the world as the genocide of Armenians, Greeks and fellow Christians in the early twentieth century. Turkey has occupation forces in Syria and continues to occupy 48% of the northern part of Cyprus since 1974 and continues to ignore UN resolutions demanding a withdrawal of occupying forces. In the Aegean Sea, it applies a nationalistic plan called “Blue Homeland” (Mavi Vatan) that seeks to “middle the waters” by questioning Greece’s sovereignty over her islands and islets whose ownership was already established by the Treaty of Lausanne or by subsequent treaties with Italy which was the occupying power at the time before the Greek islands were reunited with Greece. In the SE Mediterranean, Turkey is supporting HAMAS in its terrorist campaigns against Israel. In Europe, Turkey uses illegal migration as tool to extract additional concessions from the Europeans. Some years ago Turkey allowed and encouraged hapless refugees to seek to cross the EU border through neighbouring Greece so as overwhelm the border police. Luckily, the Greek defense forces prevailed despite all odds. More recently, it has threatened to send missiles to strike Athens at a moments notice. It’s leader, Erdogan, has also threatened the Greeks that they could come “suddenly one night”. Turkey is a NATO member that is paradoxically threatening another NATO member (Greece) with war. Ironically, Turkey seeks EU membership when it currently occupies EU soil (Cyprus). Turkey is not to be trusted as a reliable partner for peace within the western alliance. It is a trojan horse working to undermine its partners in pursuit of its own selfish interests. One the one hand it is a NATO partner, but on the other Turkey does deals with Putin and clerics in Iran and threatens Israel.

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