TV footage appears to show deliberate attack on North Korean


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Been watching this on TV all day today (Monday). Needless to say, it is fascinating. The perfect hit job, plus it was all captured on TV monitors placed at various locations around the Kuala Lumpur airport terminal. From the moment of the attack until he passes out in the airport clinic 27 minutes expire. Again, fascinating film. If you get a chance to see this TV footage, be sure to do so. Bet it's a popular film behind closed doors in North Korea.

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And why should we expose ourselves to a hit film? Only a base mentality would want to look at an innocent person being attacked with chemicals. Grow up, raise a family, and learn life's priorities.

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I bet the PRC aren't very happy about this development. They were supporting KJN and keeping him in the wings as a backup (with legitimacy) to replace KJU if the need ever arose for them to effect a regime change in the DPRK.

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"The perfect hit job,"

You're kidding? The people who did it were easily caught and quickly revealed the plan to investigators, who now know the motive, the people and methods and can view the incident on video.

Diplomatically, N. Korea has just lost one of its very few friends.

The people who dreamed up this scheme were complete utter dummies.

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Obviously, it was planned, tested run of selected target. Kim Jung Nam was followed and assassinated in public. The young mafia gang dictator of N.Korea has done the killings to many including own family. Now he even killed beyond his own turf! The four N.Korean suspects may well cash in their rewards in the grave since "little dictator Kim" might do his magic of disappearing to cover his track. BEYOND SHAME AND IT IS PSYCHOTIC.

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