52 dead in Bangladesh factory fire as workers locked inside


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Tragic. My thoughts are with those affected. Unimaginable.

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If they were locked inside there is a good chance they were slave laborers. Unforgivable.

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Tragic, Hopefully full truth will be allowed to come out, showing where the problems came from and who should be held accountable, plus what can be done to ensure no repeats.

And once again will proponents of predatory capitalism try to find a way to defend the 'job creators' and somehow blame the workers or perhaps government, if they blame the latter, it would be interesting to learn what the connections might have been between the job creators and the government.

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He said the main exit of the factory was locked from the inside and many of those who died were trapped.

Locked from the inside, so presumably to keep people out rather than in.

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An almost identical event occurred 7 or 8 years ago. When workers are locked in this is akin to murder

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A fire engulfed a food and beverage factory outside Bangladesh's capital, killing at least 52 people, many of whom were trapped inside by an illegally locked door, fire officials said Friday.

Add another to the list of the atrocities of capitalism.

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Too often a tragic event here. Many still missing.

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Absolutely shocking!!!

I feel for the poor workers and their families. Suffering and death are always so close.

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50 died in Bangladesh factory fire:

Poor souls. Laborers are no better than slaves in many factories in this pathetic & dejected nation of ~180 million people. They are locked inside jammed building possibly worse than prisons.

Who knows how many among the dead were children?

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My first thought of this was the deadly shirt waist fire of 1911 in New York. Same condition where the working room was locked. Just way beyond tragic. I hope those involved are accountable. My prayers with the victims. That country really needs to update their labor laws. Just horrifying to say the least.

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Not the first time in Bangladesh that such homicidal negligence by management has cost so many poor workers their lives. Where is the deterrent to end the inexcusable repetition of the exploitation of labor by greedy, heartless business owners? The gallows come to mind.

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Where is the deterrent to end the inexcusable repetition of the exploitation of labor by greedy, heartless business owners? The gallows come to mind.

The business owners write the laws and the police are on their side so a theft of a small item from want will be punished with years in prison while the perpetrators in the case will probably have minor punishments. The French had another idea with the guillotine.

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How many items of your clothing are made in Bangladesh?

Quite a few .

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Shocking. Horrendous.

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