Twitter's Alex Jones ban: Blip in sea of abuse?


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Another mainstream article publicizing Alex, he used to be a nobody, now everybody in America knows his name and his site is getting more traffic than ever.

Alex Jones 2024, I can see it now.

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Make no mistake- these companies don't want AI to moderate their users because they actually need it. They want AI because they don't want to pay trained, professional humans enough to do the job properly. These tech companies' entire business models are more often than not built around exploiting underpaid or unpaid, poorly trained volunteers to police their users. This is intentional, because increasing their number of users is more important to these companies than providing a quality user experience. The people who use their services aren't the customer, the advertisers who market to them are.

To these asocial social networks, the human beings who most closely interact with their product are really just an exploitable resource. It doesn't matter to them if the users have a terrible experience on their platforms, so long as their platform isn't the worst of all the alternatives.

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Alex Jones 2024, I can see it now.

Hah, that would be awesome.

But I just don't see it happening. The Sandy Hook thing is too controversial for the majority of Republicans.

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Man, that guy is only 44 years old. Being angry all the time makes him look a lot older.

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@burningbush Alex Jones 2024, I can see it now.

If GoTrumpers have their way it could be another Putin slate, maybe Bannon/David Duke.

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Meh the media need to stop talking about this shock-jock nobody. He's been around for years spouting crap.

Only in the age of Trump could such a loser get so much airtime. And just like Trump, the media bear the blame for giving these morons oxygen.

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Good riddance. The world doesn't need this Looney Toon. They don't do real journalism, they just get their information off the internet from some conspiracy blogs.

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Heh, Alex is back on YouTube, though in a roundabout way, lol

Alex Jones responds to Twitter ban / 6 Sept 2018

Alex Jones and "Little" Marco Rubio Fight Outside the Senate Intel Meeting

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I guess they could not handle him showing up at that big tech hearing, where Twitter REALLY got hammered for censorship and lost a lot of company value. Might as well just blame all the profit losses on Alex rather than admit it was their own behavior that caused it. So just continue that behavior and ban Alex forever. That works!

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These so called executives are crazy; simply nuts. For some reason the corporate manager and owner of Twitter Jack Dorsey, CEO and Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook denies that people, employees of their companies, actually rules the content decisions.

To defend the platform from detractors who identified the ideological filtration, both Sandberg and Dorsey declared an outlandish proposition that some engineered omnipotent, nebulous and invisible force has the decision-making authority to regulate content; and does so without consideration of view. It’s just so very strange. But that’s their story they are sticking to.

Both of these people would have more credibility if they're just intellectually honest.

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