Twitter's Dorsey called out for trolling U.S. Congress during hearing

By Elizabeth Culliford

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CCP style censorship is coming to the West, all under the guise of "misinformation".

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At least Dorsey vaguely admitted that he and the rest of social media do bare some responsibility for what has happened over the last year, better late than never.

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Dorsey didn’t admit to anything. Weird that anyone could get that he did from this article.

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Clearly, Dorsey has been learning from Congress on how to provide non-answer, answers.

The only point of these events is for Congress to appear like they are doing something, then do nothing. And to make someone else squirm.

The smart people brought in

don't understand the question,

don't have a clear recollection of that, or

will need to ask their team about it.

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Dorsey didn’t admit to anything. Weird that anyone could get that he did from this article.

Yeah, he did. listen to him carefully sorry, but as much as liberals want to impose, can't change what the man said, listen and slow his speech down. but that is to be expected from this guy, at least he was more honest than the other two whatever you want to call them for stifling free speech. they knew they were in the wrong and that is why they didn't answer. Dorsey did, give him props for that.

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After watching this, you just shake your head at what the Republican Party has become....

Trying to restrict and limit voting, because they know the majority of the public won't vote for them...

Whining and wallowing in their own faux victimhood because private companies won't let them publish their lies and hate speech...

Conning and manipulating their supporters about The Big Lie, as Sidney Powell admitted in the Dominion lawsuit...

Defending domestic terrorists who kill police officers and want to hang Mike Pence...

Insult our current President but praise Putin...

They are no longer a political party, they are an authoritarian cult, who despise democracy...

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