Twitter bans Rep Greene's personal account for COVID claims


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“Twitter is an enemy to America and can't handle the truth,” Greene said. “That's fine, I'll show America we don't need them and it's time to defeat our enemies.”

Go and scream it to your fellow nut jobs on “Truth” Social.

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Maybe she can sue like DeSantis did or start up her own social network.

That’s sure to be as successful as all her other efforts.

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Here come the people that don't understand the 1st Amendment to complain about her free speech being violated.

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So AI allows for 5 strikes for harmful lies, then it 'can' banish you. It doesn't say how many violations Greene has had, but AI sure is lenient. I'd say one harmful lie from a purposefully false conservative and they should be banned.

Nonetheless, at least she got banned. The AI for this site allows the anti vax/mask, Trump cult, Greene supporting types to write disinformation as much as they desire. They should follow twitter and ban those who ubiquitously type disinformation.

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Republicans sure can’t get enough conspiracy theories and lies.

Well, when you start banning people from social platforms for political outspoken dislikes, you will see various viewpoints, opinions as well as possible conspiracy theories pop up, take AOC for example, the woman says off the wall comments all the time and yet, she still retains her Twitter account.

My favorite is they expect the rest of us to be as willfully ignorant as they are and believe the conspiracy theories and lies. This is why we read them daily on these threads.

No, they just want to make sure and give the left a chance to rectify this move before the tidal wave washes over them. Remember, when the GOP take over in November, they will have the exact same power to do the exact things the Dems are doing to them, all of it and social media won’t be too happy as well. Section 230 is coming.

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Every time that woman talks, I want to put on some earplugs.

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Section 230 is coming.

Section 230 is coming?

Do you know what section 230 is and its current status?

You’d better check.

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*condemning it impolite

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The right wing liars whine about Twitter , yet they use it to spread their lies and disinformation.

What happened Parler and trump's soon to be bankrupt company not good enough???

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Imagine the amount of accountability that could be had if the Republicans were as distraught about their insurrection as they are about the lying mtg being suspended by Twitter!

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