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Twitter removes tweets about 'Trans Day of Vengeance'


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The Right were too afraid.

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Andy Ngo's Twitter page is a useful reference for those looking for tangible evidence of the violent tendencies held by at least some members of the "trans community" -- and of radical leftists in general

You really should stop getting your info on social media.

This is not serious.

 and of radical leftists in general


You can of course back this up with facts. No rightwing podcasters, please.

It reminds me of when people were posting links to Alex Berenson on matters regarding science.

This is not serious.

The walls should close in on it.

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The Right were too afraid.

Afraid of what?

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Bass: Afraid of what?

Lots of right wingers saying they are afraid of trans now. One guy on JT said he's going to sleep with his gun.

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Among the updates, Twitter had expanded its policy to include a ban on “coded language,” which is often referred to as “dog whistles,” used to indirectly incite violence.

If Twitter is going to ban dog whistles they might as well ban the entire Republican platform, which with all their leading stars just consists of culture war dog whistles to distract from their crony capitalist platform designed to get the American working class to vote for the interests of the .01%.

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Afraid of what?

Anyone not a white Christian cis man.

Remember yesterday when you said that minorities should all have their guns confiscated? Weird how suddenly the second amendment isn’t sacrosanct.

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