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Two arrested over London airport drone disruption

By Ben Stansall

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Congratulations, perhaps.

Their explanatory language is solidly defensive, even if their methods are not.

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I hope the perps will be put away for a long time.

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They were inevitably going to be caught - the longer they carried the greater the chance of the authorities tracking them down.

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They must think they are clever, or funny or something.

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They should be made to pay for the disruption costs. Yes I know they won’t have enough but totally bankrupting them and seizing all their assets will be a salutary lesson to any other idiot who thinks this is a good idea!

The authorities were caught with their pants down, they have no means in place to stop this eminently predictable situation from continuing or to bring the drones down. Apparently shooting them with a shotgun is “a health and safety hazard!” Pity, I know a number of people who would love a days sport blowing the bloody things out of the sky.

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Pity, I know a number of people who would love a days sport blowing the bloody things out of the sky.

I've met people like that too. Most were idiots. I got hit with buckshot a couple of times by such people when I worked as a grouse beater.

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It's a married couple who are enthusiasts of model airplanes. They live near the airport. Thick or malicious.

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Albaleo, sorry to hear you got hit, the people I know are more likely to be the game keeper, owner of the shoot or farmers, people who use guns regularly and know how to use them safely, not the City yahoos who pay for the shoots and can be bloody dangerous.

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@englisc aspyrgend Sorry if I came across as grumpy.

My buckshot experiences were fairly trivial. Just a sting when a long way from the shooters. But that probably indicates the likely effectiveness of trying to shoot drones with buckshot. How do you plan to get close enough to be effective? (Maybe there's a new career in drone beating.)

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