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Two explosions rock Stockholm


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Now your children, daughters and sisters shall die like our brothers and sisters and children are dying

Very ironic that only the suicide bomber was killed...

By the way, isn't this what we should call "potential threat of multiculturalism" or what?

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Great, now people are going to rush in here and say how they don't agree with suicide bombings but have to admit how much Sweden deserved it, ask how you'd like to be invaded, yadda yadda yadda. It's going to be a long thread, methinks.

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I doubt it Super, you sound parnoid.

Invading Iraq was always going to give Johnny Jihad "justification".

It wouldn't surprise me if there was a wikileaks angle.

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Sweden? That certainly would not be my top any of my top picks if I were a disgruntled Muslim. Does this have anything to do with Assange's recent arrest? I suspect the whole thing is a hoax.

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Contrary to popular "internet" belief, the world does not revolve around the "alledged" rapist Assange. The fanatical Muslim who blew himself up and his handlers didn't even mention Assange or Wilileaks. Are you shocked?

They have said that DRAWING CARTOONS of Muhammad requires that the cartoonist and any innocent persons who happen to be in the vicinity should be put to death.

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I'm sure a conspiracy theorist can justify that it was the USA who did this to intimidate Sweden into turning Assange over to them.

The rest of us find it easier to believe that it was another of the idiots of a certain religion that is POed over a cartoon. After all they have declared death sentences for trivial things and attacked people who don't show them in a good light. How dare they not show them in a good light. Lets go out and prove them right. This is just another example of Idiocists jihad on common sense.

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The issue of the cartoon caused major outcry at the time... in my own opinion its stupid to publish such content if you know darn well that it will invite violent attacks,... Youtube has a documentary on the guys life nowadays as he watches his back everyday but continues to produce offensive comics....the decision by someone to carry thru on the threat may be linked to other issues too..lets see what more news comes out

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I suspect the whole thing is a hoax.

I agree. This is a hoax! There were no explosions. No one died and no one was injured. It is a hoax I say! ;-)

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How frantically the We-are-the-world progressives cling to multiculturalism.

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