Two Paris cops charged with raping Canadian tourist


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Why would anyone go to their office after hours... to look at their big guns? I am sure there is more to this story. At this point... this investigation is going to hurt a lot of people...not to mention the families, their careers and their reputation of the fellow officers. NOW THIS LEAVES ONE IMPORTANT FACTOR.. what kind of girl are we dealing with?

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. what kind of girl?

a 34 year old woman.

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Not that the uniformed fellas would ever do anything untoward....

How drunk was she? And he/they? Memories tend to get ... blurry after a few.

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Of course they are cops and they know the drill. Of course they pull the Dominique Strauss-Kahn card. Of course "consensual" sex is automatic answer.

But there is no way to know 100 percent what happened. But does it matter, really and truly?

These are cops, and they damned well should have known better than to take a drunk woman they just met to the cop shop after hours as a group. If they did not rape her they are still the dumbest SOBs on the force and they deserve their rape charges regardless.

But if they did not escort her to the cop shop under some pretense, such as arrest, she is pretty dumb herself. And if she is lying about the rape, she is evil.

But like I say, there is no way to know what happened, not unless one of the cops confesses.

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Nothing like blaming the victim. Idiots. She's dumb for chatting to a few cops and going to hang out? Add in the old "if she's lying..." nice.

A drunk woman, from my understanding of the Canadian law, can't give consent. No idea about France but they might want to look into it.

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