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Two teenagers charged in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting


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Adult system parole is good enough for these two, if the law allows it. They will be nearing the end of their lives, but them's the breaks.

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sakurasukiToday 06:17 am JST

Wait? That's not part of parade attraction for real? Wasn't that supposed an actual American experience during parade?

I'm sure someone found that hilarious. Not sure who, though.

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If they’re guilty, send them to prison for a long, long time. Set an example.

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Dirtbags. Yet the free flow of guns and not registering them and letting these irresponsible turds gat a hold of them, this has got to stop! We've become a nation of comfortably dumb bunnies who let the screaming greedmeisters and violence-mongers take over.

'Everybody's down to their knees, listen like thieves' - INXS

Time to Stop The Madness.

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