Typhoon death toll climbs into thousands in Philippines


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I can't help but feel that had the Philippine authorities been prepared for such an event (and these things happen on a yearly basis) and issued a warning, and perhaps conducted at least a limited evacuation, there'd be far fewer deaths. Look at Vietnam. A stark contrast. Evacuating 600,000 people is a rather enormous task. Yet they did so.

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Been to this paradise country and my heart goes out to all of them!! It is time for us readers to donate anything we can with the warmth of our smiles and bring hope to those in despair!!

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i saw a photo of a crying woman on the internet and my first reaction was I laughed because i thought it was funny... then I was drawn to read the article leading to it and learned that she just lost her home and her child. i felt really terrible for myself. im really saddened and devastated to hear this very tragic news. I know that it will take time to recover, I believe that Filipinos have this positive outlook in life that will overcome the hardships the country is now facing. RIP to the victims and praying for the recovery of the families and friends.

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The photos are very reminiscent of those taken of the Tohoku shoreline after 3/11...I fear the loss of life from this disaster may be as great as that one. Here's hoping international organizations can get food and aid to the stricken areas immediately.

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@zaldaus: Actually, the Philippine authorities issued lots of warnings, and more than 800,000 were evacuated before the super typhoon. The thing is, even some evacuation centers could not withstand the Category 5 super typhoon. Haiyan weakened to a Category 1 storm when it reached Vietnam so there is really no comparison.

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One of the pictures posted here has NOTHING to do with the Philippines, it looks more like the Vatican City?? Anyway, I do hope, they get HELP ASAP to the victims of this horrible disaster!!

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I don't know how you could have possibly evacuated enough people given the strength of this storm. It wasn't as bad as the tsunami but it's close. The Philippines did as well as they could. I wouldn't know where to go in those kind of winds either.

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