U.N. refugee agency receives record pledges for 2016


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“Never before have we seen so many people fleeing war and violence turning to the international community for help,”

Okay. But if they're muslim refugees, shouldn't they be fleeing to the nearby Gulf nations? Sure the west can take in a few. But tens of thousands is way too much ask.

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My doubt as always has been, "Exactly where and how the funds are going to be used?"

We know that they funds are from the people's taxes collected by each nation and sometimes from "donors". But the spending???

Misuse of UN funds are not being properly reported and most probably not even recorded, if not accurately, even inaccurately. While reports are being put out, there has never been a "audit" of anything published or announced.

I would really like to see some media make a full investigative report on exactly where the funds are being spent. Their budget in the $ trillions per year, so far has NOT been properly documented and available to the world to see.

I doubt if these funds will be of much use to the refugees as much s those that "claim" to be doing and giving the aid.

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