U.N. Security Council condemns N Korean rocket launch


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Oh gee . . ! . . . NK is shaking in its boots, it is so afraid of the UN "repsonse"!...................What a joke !!!!!................. it was the US and other nations that lifted sanctions against NK a few years ago......................That gave NK the GREEN LIGHT to move on iN is nucleur development...........................................NOTHING THE UN DOES NOW WILL TURN BACK THE CLOCK.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei cautioned Wednesday in Beijing that the councils response should be "prudent and moderate and conducive to maintaining stability and avoiding escalation of the situation."

China threw caution in the wind towards NK prior to the launch so they too have been face-washed by the NK launch. I would like the UN to ask China to table the appropriate response first, and begin dialogue from there. This is a good chance for the UN to share responsibility with it's membership.

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I know the reference i Bush era, but here we have a another country n the supposed 'Axis' that is being bilgerent again in the face of a world that is trieng to move forward. Now this really will be a test. To now have seen what western powers did to Iran, for simply making High concentrations of plutonium; and now to Have N. korea making systems enableing for Long range travel of Rocket systems,; my only question is waht sanctions will come down on thier heads? It will probably be pretty severe. If not from The U.N. Certainly from the U.S. And G.B. And others. Looks like Japan, needs to join the party and be talking to Israel about anti-missle defence too. But, the N. Korean leader is young, so to be harsh now may pay dividend later. Anyways peace on the seven seas.

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china is playing game of " The cat is crying for the mouse die " with the rest of the world , it is also showing its threatening sign to whoever it is quietly aim to . SO to solve this problem is only way by beating up and breaking up N korea ' s trouble feeder china

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Wait, I have seen this movie. It was called TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE. Hans Blix tells Kim Jong Ill to stop his nuclear development or the world will pass a resolution saying how unhappy they are. I seem to recall that Kim vaporized him (which seems like a good idea in retrospect).

What to do w/ these A-holes......There really seem to be only bad and really bad options. The question is, are the consequences of doing nothing and hoping the regieme collapses worse than the consequences of actively getting involved? To that, I have no answer. I do know one thing. Nobody should give the North a dime, yen, wan, yuan, or eruo of aid no matter how bad the internal situation as long as they behave like this.

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Nothhing will happen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happpen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happpen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happpen, NK will fire off another missle, nothing will happen,....

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Just ignore NK and throw the problem in China's lap.

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The lack of uniform criteria is a serious flaw of the UNSC.

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Wonders how many million people the UN will allow to starve to death for the actions of their leaders? As for the launch I have read the satellite is tumbling in its orbit. Just getting a piece of mass into orbit is not enough.

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Yuri, if the Korean satellite is indeed tumbling, as you say, it can't be worse than the following:

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The American satellite is old and has had long service. The Korean one is new and I did not see any control thrusters on it. Another point is it is only in communication range of the north for a short period of time. They got it into orbit though it is only so useful if at all.

Do not believe if violated Japanese airspace. It was very high by the time it crossed the southern Ryukyu islands. Maybe 100 miles up and there is no air at that attitude. Still think the countries are making too much fuss over this event.

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YuriOtani Dec. 14, 2012 - 05:42AM JST The Korean one is new and I did not see any control thrusters on it.

NK is getting alot of help from Iran. Iranian missile experts are in NK offering technical assistance with long-range rockets. The Iranians were invited to NK after last rocket launc ended in failure. There is a connection between the NK and Iran in missile development and it is more extensive than people believe.

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