U.N. strongly approves Palestinian proposal to raise flag


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Good news. A step, though a small one, on the road to righting the wrongs against the Palestinian people.

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They declared independence in 1988. So its about time. Israel and America's objections are nothing but a red herring. Peace to Israel means being able to build settlements on stolen land without interference.

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"Peace to Israel means being able to build settlements on stolen land "

Please explain exactly which land was 'stolen'?

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Please explain exactly which land was 'stolen'?

@Kenny Iyekawa By the word "exactly" did you mean you wanted an address?

Any settlement built by and built for Israelis who were not prior occupants to that specific piece of land in West Bank, the Golan Heights, or East Jerusalem from 1967 following the Six Day war is on stolen land. This is U.N. agreed upon fact.

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Just ask how many Israeli's can trace lineage to the region more than 70 years. How many Palestinians can?

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Good. This is an important step towards the as-yet dream of a two-state solution.

As for borders, here is my view:

It is not 1967. So whatever the lines may be, it ain't gonna be that.

Jerusalem belongs to both Israel and Palestine.
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Israel will never agree to the 1967 borders. How many more of the worlds Jews were relocated since then? When the Soviet Union crumbled the immigration was immense.

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